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Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

Summertime is all about cookouts, lakeside vacations, fireworks, and a little USA pride! Memorial Day was earlier this week so why not continue the spirit and toss on some red, white, and blue?! Subtlety is key for holiday fashion. A red scarf or bandana is a classic homage to Americana imagery, while stall remaining on-trend! For maximum comfort, and staying on the classics theme, these vintage-inspired, denim skinnies from Neuw are absolutely perfect. And better yet, their fit and shape will last for many Summer celebrations to come!









Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Embroidered Blouse, THML – $51
Mid-rise Skinnies, Neuw – $163
“State of Mind” Sandals, Seychelles – $99
Scarf, NY Accessories – set of 2 $24

Thanks to Breigh for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Owl Bakery for the perfect backdrop.

Set Sail for Spring with Haptic Lab

VTK_4455 VTK_4417 VTK_4491 VTK_4454 VTK_4502 VTK_4513 VTK_4623 VTK_4630 Shop this look in our downtown boutique!

Sailing Ship Kite, Haptic Lab (available at Minx Upstairs) – $44
Embroidered Blouse, THML – Sold out, additional styles coming soon!
Kyan Ladder Earrings, Roost (available at Minx Upstairs) – $60
Razor Skinnies, Levi’s Made & Crafted – $139
‘Hopeful’ Ankle Strap Pump, Seychelles – $112 (Now 40% Off!)

Thanks to Hannah for modeling, The Screen Door Asheville for the perfect location, and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

To Market, To Market, in THML

VTK_4292 VTK_4288 VTK_4265 VTK_4256Shop this look in our downtown boutique!

Pastel Peasant Top, THML – $53
Pyramid Hoops, Roost (available at Minx Upstairs) – $80
Tanya High Rise Skinny Jeans, Level 99 – $123
Honcho Mules in Bone, Intentionally Blank – $229

Thanks to Hannah for modeling, The Screen Door Asheville for the perfect location, and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Folk Fantasies for Spring in THML

thml blouse

Bohemian Fashion and Your Spring Wardrobe

Every Minx does it: has a secret fantasy of wearing some form of peasant clothing or folk costume. We may have elaborate daydreams conceiving of opportunities, or the right shoes, that will allow us to incorporate Thai fisherman pants, Guatemalan wrap skirts, lederhosen or dirndls, comfortably into our wardrobes. The Bohemian fashion trend this Spring will make it easier for our folk fantasies to come true.

Latest Fashion Trends: A Nod to The Peasant Blouse


Luckily, one of these iconic folk items of clothing has persistently and gracefully followed the ebb and flow of the fashion currents. The peasant blouse has consistently inserted itself into the consciousness of fashion designers decade after decade. Spring 2015 will see it front and center once again, firmly updated and instep with today’s fashion wants and needs.

THML Clothing and the Embroidered Top

The peasant blouse is flirty and sophisticated in her most recent reincarnated form sprung from the minds behind THML. THML’s spring line is chalk full of flirty and sophisticated pieces that are right on point with the seasons biggest trend!

THML blouse

Key Pieces within the Fashion Canon

The all white blouse has been a fashion staple since time immemorial, and one can only imagine that its status as icon will never falter. But, sometimes a Minx needs a beautiful and feminine top with more graphic appeal than classic white.

We love this printed blouse. It really turns up the dial on edgy more than a few notches. Plus the 3/4 length sleeves and neon embroidery elevates it from a beautiful blouse to a brilliant-flattering-classy-all-around-versatile-day-to-night wardrobe save all!


One of the many reasons that we are drawn to folk clothing is that it is often enhanced with gorgeous hand work: beading, smocking or embroidery. In contrast, most modern clothing does not usually have these details. That’s why we are so happy that embroidery is a vital element of the 2015 Spring fashion trends.

THML Embroidered Blouse

We have kept with the concept of flowy top and form-fitting bottoms with this look. Last time, we paired the Navy Ark and Co. Butterfly Tunic with skinny jeans. This time we have tucked the THML blouse into a high-waisted jean by Cielos, creating a simple elegance that one could wear almost anywhere.

Shoes and Jewelry and Spring

Chelsea Crew Sandals spring

Low red heels and simple gold jewelry finish the look off. A look that is just at home at a gallery opening or a party as it will be in many work situations. It is both modern and classically feminine: this is a Spring look we can see on all you Minxes, from all your different walks of life, as you relax into this glorious Spring!

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Embroidered Graphic Blouse, THML – Sold out, but similar styles available
High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Cielo – $30
Fringe Necklace, Minx- $12
Christie Woven Sandals, Chelsea Crew- $85

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Breigh for coming back to model, and The Lazy Diamond for the great location!



Back to the Office in Our Business Casual Wear

Business Casual for Women

Within any Minx’s work wardrobe there is array of subtle personality shifts and levels of professional formality. We dress depending on our anticipated day: will there be an important meeting? Will we be dashing from work to a date, to the grocery store, to the airport? Will it be a high powered day at work or a laid back and more casual one?

Optimus Prime Gave Us this Mission for Our Work Wardrobe

Transformer Sweater, THML

There is very little that can compete with the understated elegance of a pullover sweater. Here we have our Transformer pullover sweater. It is fun, fresh and functional! The geometric, four tone, color block design creates the perfect combination of modern edge and classic nostalgia.

Transformer Sweater, THML

Pullover sweaters looks great with trousers and skirts that hit at the natural waistline. They are just as easily paired with a lower rise bottom when layered over a oxford style shirt, tunic, or under layer tank or tee. We love the pullover sweater to go over a short dress as well, as we highlighted in our recent post about how to build a wardrobe. The diversity of styles that this pullover sweater can achieve, not to mention the striking resemblance that the geometric design has with Optimus Prime’s emblem, truly makes this the Transformer sweater!

How to Put Together a Business Casual Outfit

Sheer Tori Tunic, Fun 2 Fun

What is really meant by business casual? There is no one definitive answer. However, there are some basic guidelines that we stand behind. One cringes against the perfunctory image of Hawaiian Shirt Fridays. Or does one? Good food for thought: how to update the Hawaiian shirt. Let’s file that away for now, put it under the category: the fun fashion challenge we bestow upon all you Minxs. But, in all seriousness, casual work attire can truly only be a few notches down the causal ladder from everyday work attire.

Transformer Sweater, THML

Again, The Importance of Shoes for Office Fashion

Let us not forget how paramount shoes are to any outfit. Ultimately, what image your outfit conveys hinges on what shoes accompany it. Even when we wish this wasn’t true: it is.

Here we have our work causal attire paired with slip-on sneakers. It conveys more of a weekend appeal in truth. Even if your work attire is causal, a Minx might want to make a slightly more professional statement with her shoes. Perhaps flats. Not a huge change in comfort, but quite noticeable in perception.

Gibsin Perforated Sneakers, Dolce Vita

Then, as a Minx heads out of work, and off on a weekender adventure, she can reach into her overstuffed and always loyal shoulder bag, and swap out the flats for her trusty sneakers.

Locked and loaded this Minx is ready for her work casual look to transform. Like Optimus Prime, she is ready to duck out of her giant robot form and sink into the comfort of her semi truck form as she tears down the highways into the glow of the Friday evening sun!

Find parts of this look on Minxasheville.com and the rest in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Transformer Crewneck Sweater, THML – $75
Sheer Tori Tunic, Fun 2 Fun – $38
Harmony Wide Leg Capris, Wells Grace – $40
Pony Hair Side Satchel, Minx
Gibsin Perforated Sneakers, Dolce Vita – $67

Big thanks to our newest contributor Amelia Brommer for the post, Paola Nazati Photography for the images, and Breanna for modeling!

Holiday Look, Part 4- What to Wear on Christmas Day

All the gifts have been made and/or bought, wrapped lovingly, and arranged beneath the tree. Your plans for your Christmas day party or dinner are in place. Your holiday season is coming together nicely. But what will you be wearing on Christmas day? Now is the time to plan your Christmas party outfit. We have taken elements from all of our favorite Christmas nostalgia, updated them for the modern Minx, and created a very simple yet effective look for Christmas day.

Christmas Outfit Part 1: The Tapestry Skirt

Blue Suede Shoes

This skirt is patterned in a beautiful design reminiscent of vintage wall paper or tapestry. The high waist keeps the silhouette feminine and classic, while the pleats add substance and movement. A skirt of this length and line often dictates the rest of the outfit, but there is plenty of room to make this look your own.

Christmas Outfit Part 2: The Blue Suede Shoes

The lines of a high waisted, below the knee skirt naturally sweep the eye from head to foot. So, it is highly advisable to wear an amazing pair of shoes like these blue suede pumps from Seychelles. The neutral palate of the skirt really open the doors for a pop of color from your footwear. If you choose these blue suede shoes, make sure that you have Elvis’s Christmas album on your turntable!

Christmas Day Outfits

Christmas Outfit Part 3: The Blouse and Jacket

Between the tapestry skirt and the blue suede shoes, this Christmas day outfit is already solid. A blouse is a beautifully feminine way to round out the look. If you need to pull something a little more edgy or understated into your outfit a simple jersey top would be a great choice. Either option goes well with our featured jacket. We chose the Brooklyn Jacket from Paige Denim. This painted denim jacket is a brilliant vegan alternative to a leather biker jacket.

What to Wear on Christmas Day Brooklyn Jacket Paige Denim

The Christmas Party Outfit vs. The New Years Eve Party Outfit

As you begin to pull together what to wear on Christmas day, don’t forget that New Years Eve is just around the corner! While the main elements of these two outfits will most likely be different, have fun brainstorming outfits that could both utilize a good pair of blue suede shoes and a painted denim jacket!

This look can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Fairytale Embroidered Blouse, THML– $62
Winter Tapestry Skirt, Champagne & Strawberries– $83
Brooklyn Jacket, Paige Denim – $255
Cameo Ring, Extasia – $84
Electrify Blue Suede Pumps, Seychelles  – $103

Big thanks to our new blog contributor, Amelia Brommer, Meagan for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.


THML Sweater Paige Verdugo Printed Jeans THML  Clothing This outfit is available in our downtown boutique.

Geometry Earrings, Minx Accessories  – $6
Cap Sleeve Tee, Alternative Apparel  – $25
Cropped Dolman Cardigan, THML – $59
Layered Arrow Necklace, Minx Accessories – $18
Verdugo Studded Geo Jeans, Paige – $237
Helsa Cut Out Booties, Dolce Vita – $187

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.