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Monochromatic. You may hear this word thrown around a lot when talking about an all-black outfit, or an all-neutrals look. We are here to show you the monochromatic looks don’t need to stop at neutrals! Whatever shade you are really digging this Winter can be translated into an amazing monochromatic look. To achieve this, we chose the purple/cool-toned-family and utilized different shades of purple to create a cohesive look. With the color-tone of your outfit consistent, feel free to play with textures and fabrics to add interest and elevation to your look. We hope you feel inspired to rock your favorite shade from head to toe!


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Front-tie Blouse, Jane+1 – $47
Cargo Duster Vest, Peppermint – $42
Tanya Ultra High-rise Jeans in “Rapids”, Level 99 – $94
Buffalo Bordo Boots, Gidigio – $419
Sunnies, Spitfire – $39

Thanks to Chase for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Fleetwoods for the perfect backdrop.

Spring Forward in Matisse Moccasins and Shades of Cream

Fashion Trends 2015: Layering of the Pale

This ensemble unfolds, layer upon delicate layer, like the smooth and breathtaking interior of a shell. Subtle shifts in pale hues create an esthetic that has a rounded depth impossible to achieve with a mixed color palate.

Minx-blog-1-28-15-136As well as building on the variations of shades of cream, we are helping to build depth with the variation of textures that we have chosen to incorporate within this look. The light tunic, almost a chiffon, is enveloped by the more substantial weight and texture of the sweater.

Texture is sometimes of the utmost of importance. Imagine if instead we layered two sheer fabrics, two weights of sweaters, or two jerseys. One would come up with such different outcomes! How a Minx layers fabrics will say a great deal about what a Minx is trying to convey within her look.

Again, this juxtaposition in textures brings to mind a seashell: the more durable outside protecting the delicate, more vulnerable interior.


 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends: How to be Grounded and Versatile

We paired our creamy tops with dove-grey Cielo jeans. The jeans ground the look and make it really wearable and versatile while still playing within the soft color palette.

This is a look that knows no boundaries. A Minx could move from home, to work, to errands, to a meeting, to dinner out, to a gallery, to cocktails without a second thought devoted to whether she is dressed appropriately for any of these situations!


 70s Fashion Trend Rising

Put your best foot forward for Spring with our Matisse Moccasins! The 70s trend is huge this season, and not in just one area of dress or inspiration. Across the board designers, stylist, and the public at large can simply not get enough of 1970’s inspired looks. Runways are filled with everything from hats, bohemian dresses, trousers with wider legs and bell bottoms, leather boots and moccasins.

We love the Matisse Moccasin to finish off this look. The light, radiant leather adds a warmth to the base of this outfit, yet stays within the pale glory of its subtle mission.

Matisse Moccasins

 Spring 2015 Trends: Highlight on Golden Jewelry

Delicate gold jewelry keeps topping our list of favorites this Spring. The slim lines and warm glow that yellow gold gives off adds a subtle, yet essential vitality to this look.


 Final Pop of Color

Creams are so beautiful partly because of how they interact with the colors around them. We added a pink lip which enhances the pinks tones within the cream of the tunic and sweater. A Minx really has endless options of how to play off a light pallet when it comes to makeup. A very small amount of green, gold or pink is always a win when it comes to cream!

Minx-blog-1-28-15-138Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

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Heavy Knit Open Cardi, Mo Vint – $104
Best Basic Cami, Nikibiki (in-store and online) – $22
Benchmark Necklace – $12
Sparkle Ring, Marcia Moran – $119
High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Cielo – $30
Wood Stock Booties, Matisse- $139

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images and Grace for modeling!