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Cameo Girl

We love Butter by Nadia for their signature wrap dresses but her straight-ahead pieces are just as fantastic. Even if this dress doesn’t turn into a million different dresses, it does one thing very well: slays when you walk into a room. Super-high quality jersey, super-flattering scoop neck, and a super-swirlable skirt. What more can you ask for?

3/4 Cameo Dress in black, Butter by Nadia – $291
Leather Wrap Belt in Burgundy, ADA – $77
geo necklace in grape, Minx Accessories – $21
field flower studs in gold vermeil, Mani Designs (local) – $
Ante Othello booties in Bordeaux, Coclico – $343

Thanks to Hillary, our guest model; Jonas Hall-Gariano and Ironwood Studios in the River Arts District; and Paola Nazati Photography.


We simply adore this dress. It’s dramatic yet you could totally throw on a chunky sweater and laze around in it. Then, after a dreamy day on the couch just kick on those major heels and do some cocktail hour/holiday parties. There aren’t many dresses with this much personality that can do that much distance…. Oh, and dancing with this much of a skirt would be divine.

black dress, Butter by Nadia – $311
geode earrings, Early jewelry – $88
black pumps, Seychelles – $93
handmade spoon necklace, “bewitched,” Molly Proctor – $68
crochet bolero, MAK – $60
grey woven belt, Elisa M – $60