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Global Soul for Spring


Spring Fashion Trends 2015: “Global Soul”

At the heart of the Eurasian continent a myriad of cultures convene in an ever shifting collage. Scandinavia seeps into the Middle East and Europe presses up against Asia. It’s the home of the Silk Road and the Trans-Siberian Railway: ideas and goods have been distributed and traded across the many and changing boarders of the expansive swath of land since time immortal.

This, one of the great cross-roads of our dear planet, is our inspiration today. Imagine nomadic Mongolians, the many roaming tribes of reindeer herders,  and the Roma people, all crossing mountains and tundras.

Amidst the movement and the exploration bloomed a rich depth of style all its own. Varied patterns, and varied weaves of clothe multiplied as China and France and everyone in between traded cloths and art. Conceive if you will the blankets, coats, head scarves, skirts, rugs and wall hangings that came to be and the combinations that were now available!

Think of the bold stripes, the vibrant florals, the beading and embroidery! This is the essence of Global Soul.


Trend Forecast: Stripes (Wider Stripes with Mixed Prints)

Let us definitely put the idea to rest that only certain body types can wear stripes. Also, that horizontal strips are akin to adding 20lbs to the wearer.

Stripes are all about personality. If you are a Minx who is drawn to stripes than by all means continue to channel your French pirates, your adventuring sailors and your Scandinavian brethren.

Likewise, if stripes are not your bag, but you long to try the mixed pattern look then play with polka dots, gingham and checks.


Vibrant Prints & Accents that Pop: All within Reach for Asheville Shopping

Let the nomad’s yurt be your fashion icon this month. Go out and rent Gadjo Dilo and Time of the Gypsies, leaf through Tove Jansson’s Moomintroll novels and comics. Explore how Japanese pop culture has embraced Jansson’s characters and suddenly you will be dressed in Too-ticky’s stripes, citing Little My as the inspiration for you top knot hairdo, and feeling Moominmamma’s love for handbags and flowers.

This is an era of fishing out the great gems of fashions past and reinvigorating them with your own moxy and passion.


2015 Spring Fashion Trends for Lips and Nails

Keep the color coming with fun shades of polish on nails and bright pops of color on the lip. And as always, gild with gold!


Chelsea Crew Shoes, Yes Please!

Check out these amazing Chelsea Crew shoes. They are bold and fun and a must have take on the saddle shoes of yore.


The Mixed Prints, Tactile Appeal and Varied Textures of Global Soul

So, after you are done devouring a satisfying stack of National Geographic go ahead and say yes to everything. Piece together every look and color that sparks your interest and them make it your own.


 Shop this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Floral Crop Top, Eight Sixty – $69
Chrome Midi Skirt, Line & Dot – $117
Point Me in the Direction Necklace, Minx – $12
Cut Out Ring, Minx – $12
Mandy Spectator Pumps, Chelsea Crew – $64

Thanks to Sarah Jane for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


Greet your Inner Goddess

line_dot-3 line_dot-2

Nothing says summer like a white lace dress – and this fun maxi style is just perfect! Breezy, loose and light, she’s one of our favorites!

The best part about a fab white dress?

They’re so versatile; they’re darling dressed up or down. A fresh alternative to a LBD.


This Line and Dot Lace Maxi would make an amazing, unconventional wedding dress!

Wouldn’t she look ethereal floating down the aisle?


Gold and brass accessories finish off this look with ease and gilded Atara sandals from Dolce Vita give it that goddess-y touch.

This outfit is available exclusively in our downtown Asheville Boutique.

Lace Maxi Dress, Line and Dot – $157
Brass Pendant Necklace, Ornamental Things – $37
Triple Wrap Heishi Bracelet, Serefina – $40
Earrings, Minx Accessories – $12
Atara Sandals, Dolce Vita – $77

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White dress styling tips on LuckyMag.com.

Thanks to Heather for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.

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