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Blank Stares

At Minx we love embracing a little kitsch into our style – it’s important to not take yourself or your style so seriously. When we are investing into our style and into the image we are creating for ourself each day, it can feel like every move we make must be perfect. Truth is – what’s most important is to have fun. Fun is one of our shop’s values and it’s an important one. There are subtle ways to incorporate fun into your wardrobe, perhaps with some hidden details or an unpredictable color or fabric. On the other hand, there are hamburger sweaters that are an obvious statement of joy. We hope you can find some joy in your creative fashion expression!





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Mom Overall, Levi’s – $128
Burger Sweater, Einii – $42
Earrings, NY Jewelry – $24
“Meh” Enamel Pin – $10

Thanks to Hannah for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Bad Kitty

The white t-shirt & jeans. This combo may be the most beloved in all of street style history. It seems like whenever we come across an accessory, piece of outerwear, or shoe that seems too outlandish to wear outside of a Fashion Week Runway, our go-to is to always try it with a t-shirt and pair of jeans. This practical pairing seems to make anything more realistic and approachable like magic. Maybe there was some subtle eyerolls there, and it’s okay, we get it! With such an accommodating outfit as the white tee/jeans, there does run the risk of it getting monotonous. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! (Yikes, that phrase is intense) I just mean, before you swear off of the white tee/jeans look entirely, try adding some personal flare. It’s a great canvas, all it needs is some personal creativity! No need for couture – just a colorful neck scarf or layering piece can elevate this classic staple into something a bit more individualized.








Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Bad Kittys Top, F4M – $38
Lace-hem Skinny, Just Panmaco – $90
Tie-Waist Jacket, Current Air – $87
“Lily” Shoes, NY Shoes – $46
Earrings, NY Jewelry – $16
Spring Bloom Wallet, Orla Kiely – $81

Thanks to Esther for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

One Chatty Dress

Here at Minx, we love to play dress up. There’s just something about putting on a dress that makes you feel so…together. Another thing we love? Interesting conversations! And this piece has a lot to say.
Basket Weave Dress Basket Weave Dress With a fitted bodice, pleated skirt, halter top, AND stretchy material to boot- it’s quite the combination, but never comes across as trying too hard. Basket Weave Dress Basket Weave Dress The Corrugated Comb dress boasts several traits that combine to make it uniquely beautiful…much like the Minx woman! What traits define you?

Josie’s dress and earrings are available on our online store. Come try the shoes on in our brick and mortar store!

Corrugated Comb Dress $47
Lady Beetle Earrings $12
Remix black and ivory “Lillie” $185

A new stunner from Plenty by Tracy Reese

Fans of Tracy Reese rejoice!  The first of our spring order has arrived with this ruched stunner in a pink, blue and ivory graphic print.  Its super-nice jersey feels amazing on, elbow-length princess sleeves and built-in sash add feminine touches and the vibrant print says you’re not afraid to have a little fun with fashion.  Keep your accessories to a minimum and let this dress really shine.

ruched dress, Plenty by Tracy Reese – $181
Colette wedge in navy, Chelsea Crew – $63
earrings, Verdier – $53

Thanks to our guest model, Meredith Chambers and Paola Nazati, photography.

A Sea of Scarves from Echo

Nothing makes fall more fun that the color and possibility of scarves. And boy did we get the mother load! With a million ways to wear and tie them we know it can seem a bit intimidating… Continue reading