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Now at Minx: Gidigio – a modern old world shoe

Bench-made, handcrafted, Italian leather… Could any three things go together with more elegance? You must come in and try a pair of these fancy feetlets for yourself. They fit like a dream, are instantly comfortable, and will last you a lifetime. What Frye boots are to normal shoes… these boots are to Frye. One well shod, step up!

black heeled bootie, Gidigio – $271
cinched leather boot, Gidigio – $301
knotted heel, Gidigio – $251

Have a look at this fascinating video showing how these gorgeous shoes are made…

What We’re Loving!

Joti – I went on a Minx shopping spree this week. It happens… Angi and I really went nuts. There are just so many great pieces in the store and it’s all super affordable… Let’s see… I got a black Lani jersey jumpsuit… a dusty-grey brown M.Rena tube skirt/dress (I had to talk myself out of getting one in every color!)… the Cheap Monday high high high waist skirt… AND the black Frye shortie boots… and I still have a few things on hold that I am mulling over (Ya coral wrap, Cheap Monday navy dress and pleated trousers, Moo Moo clutch, more than a few Alternative Apparel tees). To get or not to get. It doesn’t happen often but I believe when it does… you just go for it. Get set up for spring! Just jump in. When you find a large pile of clothing that all look great on you and you’re SICK of sweaters and jeans and you love it all… don’t be afraid to say “YES!”

Also, we have a great layaway program… which can help in situations like these. (25% down, pay it off over the next 8 weeks!)

Letitia – Alternative Apparel vests!  Great & lightweight… the perfect thing to throw on over another tee, a plaid cotton tunic, a floaty floral dress.  Think of it in the same category as that perfect scarf that can change up or add to a ton of different looks…

Alt Apparel Throw Over Vest

Angi – Are we all in love with Alt Apparel right now?  I could never have enough comfy t-shirts, wraps, long sleeved tunics etc etc.  I am truly loving my new vintage black (read grey) wrap from Alt Apparel, long sleeved, comfy and ballerina-esque.