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Take a Bow

The floral shift dress is (or definitely should be!) a staple in every gals’ wardrobe. Its flirty and girly while still being adaptable to everyone’s personal style and flair. They can be dressed up with heels, or down with a denim jacket and sneakers. Its no secret the millions of wardrobe variations you can create with a floral dress and a little creativity. Feeling tired of your classic combos? Try different textures in the same color family. We love these velvet belt that can be tied in many different ways to suit the occasion. Adding some statement shoes, with some unexpected texture like faux fur or metal hardware, adds interest and changes up the entire vibe without my effort. Accessorizing is key for putting a new spin on your most beloved go-to pieces.






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Floral Dress, Peach Love – $56
Earrings, Extasia – $114
Velvet Wrap Belt, NY Accessories – $24
“Myth” Sandals, BC – No longer available

Thanks to Chase for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Owl Bakery for the perfect backdrop.

Darling, So It Goes

Hi Minxies! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! We certainly did. We are soaking up every ounce of sunshine we can get and experimenting with different looks as we transition from colder months to a much warmer season. We love pairing this cropped leather jacket from Neuw with this breezy, easy-going floral shift dress. Having transitional looks and layering options are important while the weather is still unpredictable. And just because it’s Spring, it doesn’t mean that black and dark tones of our wardrobe are banished to the back of our closets to wait until October! Black is still an incredibly wearable color even in the hotter seasons. Bright florals, neons, and patterns stand out strikingly against a black fabrics. At Minx we hope to prepare you for even the most drastic weather shifts, with comfort and style being at the top of the priority list. XOXO!


















Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Black Floral Shift Dress, Cotton Candy LA – $51
Leather Jacket, Neuw – Price Available Upon Request (Now 50% Off!)
Orange Earrings, Extasia – $62
“Myth” Sandals, BC – No longer available

Thanks to Breigh for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Owl Bakery for the perfect backdrop.

Out for a Spin in Susana Monaco

Susana Monaco, BC Footwear, Extasia, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Susana Monaco, BC Footwear, Extasia, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Susana Monaco, BC Footwear, Extasia, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Susana Monaco, BC Footwear, Extasia, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Susana Monaco, BC Footwear, Extasia, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville BC Footwear 'Spark' Wedges

This look is available in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Abigail Dress, Susana Monaco – $173
Acide Intaglio Necklace, Extasia – $150
‘Spark’ Wedge Sandals, BC Footwear – $83

Thanks to Breigh for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


Cool Off in Serefina, Everly, and BC Footwear

BC Spark Wedges, Everly Shift Dress Midi Shift Dress by Everly Everly Shift Dress Serefina Jewelry everly_shift_wine (5 of 8) Geode Shift Dress Everly Geode Shift Dress & Serefina Everly Shift Dress, Serefina JewelryShop this look in our downtown boutique!

Geode Shift Dress, Everly – $56
Dancing Tassel Necklace, Serefina – $75
Gilded Petal Necklace, Serefina – $75
‘Spark’ Wedge Sandals, BC Footwear – $83

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


A Quick Dip in CS Roberts, BC Footwear, and Seaworthy

Cynthia Steffe Robin Dress Asheville, NC, Minx Boutique BC Footwear 'Dear Suede' Sandals, $62 Dream Mullick Jewelry, CS Roberts, Asheville Boutiques Minx Boutique, Asheville, NC, Minx Asheville, Asheville Bontanical Gardens Minx Boutique, Asheville, Denim Dress, Pink Sandals Minx Boutique, Asheville. CS Roberts, BC Footwear Minx Boutique, Asheville. Temple Doors Necklace, Dream Mullick Jewelry Minx Boutique, Asheville. Seaworthy Jewelry, Bixa Studs Minx Boutique, Asheville, Minx Asheville, CS Roberts Robin Dress Shop this look in our downtown boutique!

Robin Dress, CS Roberts – $245
Carved Bone ‘Temple Doors’ Necklace, Dream Mullick – $109
Bixa Earrings, Seaworthy – $40
Handcarved Cameo Ring, Extasia – $84
‘Dear Suede’ Sandals, BC Footwear – $62

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


Susana Monaco, The Perfect Travel Companion

Travel Clothes

This is the time of year that mailboxes fill up with magazines and catalogs championing resort wear and bathing suits. Regardless of if you are the type who actually goes to a resort or gets the chance to wear a bathing suit before that special groundhog fails to see his shadow, it does give us all pause to think about the possibility. The possibility of movement, of new experiences and places, and of what we will be wearing in these new situations!


Wardrobe Essentials

Every time a Minx packs for a vacation, even a quick weekend get away, she is utilizing the basic skills of building a wardrobe. A micro wardrobe, if you will, but a wardrobe nonetheless. If one looks at wardrobe building through the small and accessible lens of vacation packing it becomes clear that the key factor in choosing an item is its versatility.

Sendra Boots

The Susana Monaco Dress

Our number one item of essential clothing is the short dress. Here we chose a Susana Monaco dress. We don’t often like to pick favorites, but this high quality frock has timeless style, doesn’t fade, pill, stretch, wrinkle or stain! It is an amazing addition to any travel wardrobe.

Susana Monaco Dress

The Short Dress as one of the Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Why we love a simple short dress: Firstly the basic proportion creates a naturally feminine and flattering look for multiple body shapes. Secondly, a simple short dress has an effortless wearable quality that makes it the perfect foundation item of clothing on which to build a number of different outfits and looks. When we are tasked to create a travel wardrobe that fits within the confines of a suitcase we want articles of clothing that can mix and match. We need them to fit into a number of different locations and situations along with us.

Susana Monaco Dress

Three Ways to Style a Susana Monaco Dress


Here we have our Susana Monaco dress paired with three different tops, three different pairs of shoes and three different statement jewelry pieces. Each pairing creating a very different feel ranging from professional, to casual, to evening. Don’t forget that the dress worn alone is a fourth look! The goal of building a wardrobe is to create a collection of clothing that fits your body and your life.

Susana Monaco Dress Don’t feel hampered by the options that we have put before you: have fun building your own wardrobe with your own unique style! Other options abound: You could incorporate belts worn at the true waist or forgo the pullover look and pair your short dress with a cardigan or a smart jacket during the colder months. Also note that we have our looks styled with bare legs, but a short dress loves a good pair of tights or leggings, especially before it warms up a bit. It is truly a must have year round wardrobe essential! Bon Voyage Minxes!

This look can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Our favorite wear anywhere dress, The Inverted Pleat Dress, Susana Monaco- $181
Escher Pleated Crop Top, Dance and Marvel – $54
Isabella Chain Necklace, Julie Vos  – $261
Cropped Heart Sweater, Press– $110
Heart Bangle, Diament Jewelry- $24
Evan Cap Sleeve Lace Blouse, Wells Grace – $58
Penthouse Pumps, BC- $62
Marisa Handmade Leather Boots, Sendra – $441

Big thanks The Battery Park Book Exchange for the lovely location, our new blog writer Amelia Brommer, Meagan for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.

Beat the Blues in Winter Pastels

Winter Trend: Pastels

Pastels have been creeping into hair color trends for a several years. Most of you have noted the soft shades of pink and purples, reminiscent of Easter and macaroons, in the locks of the bolder fashionistas and school girls alike.

The quality is dreamlike. Even though it is playing on fashion forward trends, it creates a beautiful hand tinted photographic effect that feels nostalgic. However, regardless of how beautiful pastel hair might be in theory, it does not always translate to a wearable look for many women, whether it’s due to comfort zones of personal style and practical reasons such as workplace dress code. Thankfully, winter 2015 fashion trends have a huge pastel component. Now the eye catching shades will be worn in pastel clothing!

Pink Trousers

How to Wear Pastels

Pastels can be incorporated into the whole outfit, utilizing layering and really having fun with playing up different tones and shades. On one hand, one could really forget themself within this trend and end up playing out a childhood fantasy of an updated Care Bears meets My Little Pony. But being a Minx, they also could embrace this trend in a slightly more grown up manner.

For a more understated look, choose one item of clothing from your ensemble to be pastel, as we have done here with the pale pink trousers. Instead of playing on layering different pinks, we chose to finish the outfit off with soft greys and neutrals. The grey of the blouse and the soft neutral of the Subtle Luxury sweater give the look a romantic feel. The pastel trousers are integral, but not overwhelming.blush_trouser-1

Winter Trends for Women

January is the perfect time to try out new silhouettes as the year transitions away from the holiday season and sets its sights on the Spring. If a wide trouser is too much volume, try a voluminous top. The draping of a Subtle Luxury sweater is unsurpassed. The soft cashmere is luxurious! It is truly a practical item to incorporate into 2015 closet for it will keep you on trend and warm.

Subtle Luxury Cashmere Sweater

Accessories your Pastel Clothing

If you are really in love with the pastel color palate you may be tempted to embrace it both in your wardrobe as well as in your jewelry collection. Here we have opted for a more toned down look, again going with pale, natural tones for our large beaded statement necklace.

31  Bits Necklacce

The Play Between Pastels and Texture

One of the nicest qualities of an article of clothing that is a lighter hue is the way pale color helps the texture to pop. The lace of the blouse, the ribbing of the sweater, the pleats of the trousers, all of these details are as visible as they are because of this visual phenomenon. The same outfit in black would absorb light and come off as shapeless.

As you have began to play with bringing pastels into your winter 2015 fashion keep an eye on how you can play with texture!

Parts of this look are available online, the rest can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique!

The Scalloped Edge Crop Top– $45
Cashmere Cocoon Cardi in Barley, Subtle Luxury– $225
Beaming Sky Necklace, 31 Bits  – $42
Gold Anaconda Ring, Marcia Moran– $86
Perfectly Pink Wide Leg Trousers,– $67
Penthouse Pumps, BC  – $62

Big thanks The Battery Park Book Exchange for the lovely location, our new blog writer Amelia Brommer, Hillary for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.