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Bad Kitty

The white t-shirt & jeans. This combo may be the most beloved in all of street style history. It seems like whenever we come across an accessory, piece of outerwear, or shoe that seems too outlandish to wear outside of a Fashion Week Runway, our go-to is to always try it with a t-shirt and pair of jeans. This practical pairing seems to make anything more realistic and approachable like magic. Maybe there was some subtle eyerolls there, and it’s okay, we get it! With such an accommodating outfit as the white tee/jeans, there does run the risk of it getting monotonous. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! (Yikes, that phrase is intense) I just mean, before you swear off of the white tee/jeans look entirely, try adding some personal flare. It’s a great canvas, all it needs is some personal creativity! No need for couture – just a colorful neck scarf or layering piece can elevate this classic staple into something a bit more individualized.








Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Bad Kittys Top, F4M – $38
Lace-hem Skinny, Just Panmaco – $90
Tie-Waist Jacket, Current Air – $87
“Lily” Shoes, NY Shoes – $46
Earrings, NY Jewelry – $16
Spring Bloom Wallet, Orla Kiely – $81

Thanks to Esther for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Jet Set

There’s just somethin’ about Summer that makes wanna hit the open road! Maybe it’s the clear skies and great weather that gets your mind wandering during your work day. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a stay-cation expert, having that perfect go-to dress that suits any destination is a must have for this travel season. As you begin packing, we recommend bringing a piece that lends itself to layering (as weather can be unpredictable!), is a clean pallet to go with whatever accessories you can bring, is made of a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily or hold onto all of those interesting travel smells, and is a classic shape and silhouette. This dress from Adeline is such a nice option! The pleats and sleeve detail make it special enough for a trip out of town, but is comfortable and effortless so it lends itself perfectly to wherever you find your sense of curiosity taking you! Bon Voyage!

stripe_dress_luggage -4

stripe_dress_luggage -2

stripe_dress_luggage -6

stripe_dress_luggage -1

stripe_dress_luggage -7

Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Cotton Striped Dress, Adeline – $44
“Pandora” Heels, Chelsea Crew – $64
Earrings, NY Jewelry – $12

Thanks to Ruby for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.


The cold has arrived! It is here, friends, in a major way and while it may seem obvious that layering up is key to defending yourself against the winter-winds, we would also encourage you to play with textures as you layer! Taking a look in your closet, you can notice what kinda of knits and fabrics you may already gravitate towards: a chunkier knit sweater, a really fine cashmere, structured leather, – the list could go on and on. What we love about this look is it takes textures to the next level! This soft leather dress is the perfect juxtaposition for this fuzzy, furry pink sweater. Help keep your mixed-and-matched textures with something similar to tie it together. We love the zipper detail on the sleeves of the sweater and it ties in nicely with the hardware on the dress. So this winter, we hope you will not only step out of your layering box, but also go for it with the fabric textures you choose!




Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Studio Crewneck, Neuw – $172
Coba Leather Dress, Just Female – $365
Cameo Ring, Extasia – $117
Ankle Strap Flats, Model’s Own

Thanks to Chase for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Fleetwoods for the perfect backdro

a little birdie told me

This fishtail-hemmed bird-print dress will make your heart flutter!  It’s one of those dresses that feels great on and is easy to accessorize.  These Lucky Brand tall boots are a perfect match with bare legs for now; but picture it with some pretty red tights and heels as fall truly settles in.

bird-print dress, Angie – $59
tall high-heeled boots, Lucky Brand – $179
hand-cut white enameled earrings, Ashley Buchanan – $71

Special thanks to Rachael Stanfield, our guest model for the week, Heather Fisher at Studio Chavarria, hairstyling and Paola Nazati, photography.

Never a Grey Day

You might already have this skirt from the first time we ordered it this spring.  We’ve been loving it ever since so we’re keeping it in stock through fall.  Ashley Buchanan’s hand-cut, vintage-inspired earrings seal this romantic fall look.  Just pop your favorite thick tights underneath this midi-length stunner and off you go!

open back blouse, Lush – $32
midi-length skirt, Cotton Candy – $41
handcut white enameled earrings, Ashley Buchanan – $61
skinny belt, Cheap Monday – $18
tights and heels, Model’s own

Special thanks to Hillary Johnson, hairstyling and Paola Nazati, photography.

Shop Teal You Drop

Too much of a good thing does exist – but we’re not there yet.  Balance out a tone-on-tone outfit with off-color shoes and a funky statement necklace.  Let Minx fashionista Char show you how it’s done.

embroidered wool swing coat, Darling – $129
long-sleeved teal dress, My Story – $39
beaded necklace, Vanessa Mooney – $154
aubergine stilettos, Dolce Vita – $81

Photography by Paola Nazati.

Zig Zag

Eva Franco’s zig zag cinched waist dress is the perfect thing to wear to a fall party.  The thick woven fabric will keep you warm and its flattering vintage silhouette will make you the “It Girl” of the night.  A stunning pair of maple leaf earrings by local favorite designer, Seven Swans finishes off this look but will also be your go-to earrings for the season.

zig zag dress, Eva Franco – $277
maple leaf earrings, Seven Swans (local) – $48
red envelope purse – $45
tights and heels, Model’s own

Special thanks to Hillary Johnson, hairstyling and Paola Nazati, photography.