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Flower Shop

The floral dress is such a classic, folks. It’s honestly hard to think of an occasion where a floral dress of some sort would be inappropriate. If you’re operating in the world under the impression that florals are always feminine and always formal, I can totally see why but there’s a way out of this restrictive narrative. Consider fabric, accessories, and color pallet when choosing your floral. While these particular looks are absolutely on the formal side: consider how they would read to you if they were paired with sneakers and a distressed denim jacket. Instantly more casual. If this pattern is still a bit bold or loud for you, consider finding more of a micro-floral pattern. No matter how you slice it, a floral dress is definitely a wardrobe staple and we are tickled to honor this piece today!









Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Ruby’s Look
Midsummer Floral Tie-Back Gown, By Timo – $319
Wrap Leather Belt, model’s own
“Pandora” Heels, Chelsea Crew – $64
Earrings, Baizaar – $26

Esther’s Look
Floral Print Dress, Current Air – $93
“Pancake” Slingback Heels, NY Shoes – $41
Earrings, NY Jewelry – $20

Thanks to Esther & Ruby for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Golden Bird

This bird print blouse is a stand-out piece from our latest shipment from Everly.  Whether worn belted, as shown, or tucked into high-waisted trousers or skirts, it’s sure to elevate just about any outfit.

We’re also loving these primary-hued wallet clutches from one of our long-time favorite handbag lines, Tano.  With multiple stash spots and plenty of pockets, these divine leather beauties always sell out quickly.  Hurry in and grab yours before someone else does!

bird print 3/4 sleeved blouse, Everly – $38
yellow leather wrap belt, ADA – $66
knit mini skirt in deep sea, Debut – $22
reversible tight-end tights, SPANX – $34
wallet clutch, Tano – $91
golden origami crane necklace, Monserat de Lucca – $53
Seychelles booties, Model’s own

Photography by Paola Nazati.

Different ways to tie an ADA belt

The wrap belt by ADA:  a long time Minx staple.  With so many beautiful color options, once you get one, you’ll want to collect more.  Each Minx employee at least has one ADA belt and most have multiples.  Wear them to cinch dresses, skirts and even one-pieces.  Sling them low on your hips to wear even with jeans.

Buy an ADA belt in our online store.

We usually have many colors available, call the shop to order one over the phone or to put your name on our waiting list for one of these fabulous belts.  $77 (828)225-5680.

Of course there are many more ways to tie an ADA wrap belt, but here are some basics demonstrated by ADA herself.  I especially love the rosette!  So simple…

Here are some of our favorite looks incorporating ADA wrap belts:

Watch Your Black

Keyhole back black floral dress, $42; black leather ADA obi belt, $60 (temporarily out of stock); black Seychelles sandals, $82.  Black leather bow bracelet with vintage fabric backing by Debris, $32 and Forest Creatures’ white acorn drops, $26, both handmade in Asheville.

Adopt a onesie: 2 sale racks and a table!

Just for fun, we threw together 2 juicy sale racks and a table piled high with glorious denim – and everything is 50% off. Often our best sellers almost sell out and one little friend gets left behind, over looked in the sea of new goodies that are always streaming into Minx like the never-ending tide. Imagine how lonely they must feel.

You know… for fun!

Playtime, Cats in Human Situation, Playing Jump Rope with a Vintage Victorian Doll by Beverlykahuna.

Also, you gotta check out the new ADA belts. Colors to die for including mustard, olive, black, coral, magenta, distressed gold and silver. Love.

What We’re Loving!

Letitia – Those fantastic ADA belts are back in stock! Mustard, Navy, Chocolate Brown, Olive, Black & Tan strips of argentinian leathery obi-belt perfection. Katie & I have been having fun figuring out different ways to tie them.  Check out the “what’s hot & new” section of the ADAhandbags site to get some ideas.

Angi –  My life is a little lacking fashion at the moment, due to broken foot recovery, but I am absolutely loving my cheap and perfect $12 sunglasses.  It is amazing how easily the shape of a pair of sunglasses, no matter what the cost, can make you appear glamorous and unconcerned.

What We’re Loving!

Letitia – The new ADA belts we just got in that are already going, going, nearly gone.  I’m not usually a belt wearer.  I find they usually fill in the curves of my waistline rather than accentuate them and I just end up looking wider than I am.  Not the case with these buttery soft ADA belts (I got the mustard yellow one)!  The obi-style combined with the super-soft flexibility of the leather gives you an easy to wear with everything belt that really does bring everything in rather than just bulking you up.

Angi –  Goodness me! I am loving all of our new light and airy VSA scarves.  Tiny handkerchiefs to big snuggly India-worthy shade scarves.  All around twenty bucks!  But these colorful little ones are $12!



Alright… Hatchfest put us all behind but here’s what should be coming out of the attic for all you sunny Asheville shoppers!

ADA Belts – These leather belts are selling like eggs on easter. $60 Obi style belts in black, yellow, olive, brown, and fuschia… get one! Or two!

Verdier – Our favorite jewelry designer. Not only is she the sweetest but she works with vintage materials and most of her work is super limited. This shipment had Juniper and I tugging at either end of one stunning necklace trying to prove who saw it first! Well maybe not quite so dramatic but you get the picture.

Feathered head bands for $36 dollars. I want to wear one every day. The easiest way to make on outfit pop or to fix a bad hair day.

Summer scarves in a multitude of colors, patterns, and textures. All around $20 you can’t go wrong grabbing a few for every occasion.

Melie Bianco – Best selling bag line can hardly describe how quickly these guys sell! We received a stunning teal tote (bellow $86) and two stunning clutches($55).


Blank Denim! Three amazing styles arrived today, and for $71 I bet these babies won’t make it through the weekend.

Banana Split Cropped is a perfect match for the beautiful weather we’re having. They have a slight acid wash to them (don’t fret it looks more like a nice worn pair of jeans than your pair in the 80s)


If you’re feeling a bit tougher, you’ve got to get Blank’s studded skinnies! And last but not least, minxies, how do we feel about elastic waists? Well the Back to Black skinnies will rock your world. I know that some of you gals are always seeking a pair of jeans with a shorter inseam. If this is you than definitely try these on. These hit me just above the ankle.