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Swiss Dots and Sendra for Spring

The Reassessment of Key Pieces for Your Wardrobe

The world is warming up again and the result, at least in the realm of fashion, is an opportunity for every Minx to experience a refreshing re-examination of her closet. There is an agitation in the breeze, but it a positive agitation. A creative energy buzzes around us imploring us to take stock of our lives and tempting us to add some innovations to it.


Bare Those Legs and Do it Now!

After months of tights, legs are finally busting out all over Asheville, and the hills and valleys beyond. Now, tights are fabulous and do create a whole array of looks with a utilitarian grace that can not be achieved without them.

But, the freedom afforded by the bold and sensual simplicity of a naked leg under the ruffling layers of skirts and dresses is second to none. The feeling of freeing one’s legs from a winter of tights and trousers could be best expressed in nothing short of the battle cry of a kilt clad Highland Laird.


Mid Layers Re-cast as Outerware

The spring chill still clings to our days, so even though our down coats have been packed away one can’t be living in a fully sleeveless wardrobe.

Yet, who among us has not noticed the protective outer-layers of our fellow citizen’s outfits peeling off like so many dyed eggshells at an Easter brunch?

It is time to re-evaluate our mid layers of clothing and re-cast them as out-layers. Flannel shirts, cardigans and light jackets, it is your time to shine. (Flannel look familiar? We styled the same piece previously- check out an entirely different way to wear it here!)


Key Pieces for Your Spring Wardrobe

It seems that in late spring many Minxes banish their dark clothing to the backs of their closets. We are not there yet. No, we are still in the transition of the seasons, still firmly rooted in early spring. Now is the time of year when dark-colored linens, dusky sheers and delicate weights of dark-colored cottons reign supreme.

This Sheer Swiss Dot Dress is a perfect example of dark-colored spring essentials. These are the items that will be a Minx’s key pieces in her spring wardrobe. Something with the breath and movement of warmer days reflected in the weight of the fabric, but dark in color.

Think of them as the welcoming committee for the rest of your spring wardrobe, ushering in the lace, the florals, the sundresses and the shorts. They are the key pieces striking a careful balance between the budding leaves and the stirrings underground of thing not fully awake.


Finish Off with the Soft Touch of Leather

We have accessorized our transitional spring look with our favorite wrap belt by ADA and these beautiful handmade boots of Spanish leather by Sendra.

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Sheer Swiss Dot Dress, Beautifully – $71
Oversized Flannel, Audrey 3+1 – $62
Skinny Wrap Belt, Ada – $62
Marsa Handmade Boots, Sendra- $361 (now 1/2 off in-store!)

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, The Lazy Diamond for the location, and Grace for modeling!


Floral Print, ADA Belts, and Mani Designs

It’s Spring right? No, wait it’s snowing out! Oh well: when the world won’t bring a Minx flowers a Minx will have to bring flowers to the world! It’s true that delicate petals will freeze and wither during the winter months. Even flowers reproduced in fabric designs and prints can seem pale and out of place amongst the leather and wool landscape of February.

Still, that hopeful longing for Spring has crept into our bones. We are on a mission for blooming, leafy fashion. We have found some hearty varieties of botanical inspired adornment that can withstand the dim light of the low winter sun, and strengthen our hearts with the promise of Spring!

Ada Obi Wrap BeltThis floral dress can stand up to a winter debut because of its deep blue background, and rich texture of fabric and pattern. These elements ground it within the winter season. The pleating at the neck gives it a depth and weight that adds a complementary juxtaposition with the fun and flirty skirt length. To finish off the look pair this floral gem with a cardigan, a wrap belt, and your favorite Mani Design studs!

Have you met Mani Designs?

If you want to add some more botanical elements to your pre-Spring look there is no better place than local designer Amber Mahler’s jewelry line. Originally from California, Mahler has studied the local flora of Western North Carolina with a true artist’s passion. All the designs are cast from natural forms found on the designers walks. Her botanical collection is comprised of everything from blueberries to flowers to delicate sticks. These small wonders from nature are then cast in silver and gold plated silver to create jewelry straight out of collective imagination of the realm of fairy tales.

Mani Designs

Don’t Forget to Add an ADA Wrap Belt

Our perfect finishing touch is the tried and true ADA wrap belt! With one deft motion of donning a belt and cinching it snugly at the natural waist you can instantly add style and texture to any outfit. Around Minx, ADA Belts are a styling staple. If you’ve been following us, our love for ADA wrap belts is obvious- just check out this post for proof!

Why ADA? The ADA wrap belt line offers a spectacular selection of vividly dyed leathers and unmatched versatility. Tie them into a bow, a rosette, a sailors knot- with ADA, the options are limitless! Besides just beautiful, these belts boast fantastic craftsmanship- each belt is cut from the highest quality Argentine leather. They are supple and soft enough to hug your curves all day!

Ada Obi Wrap BeltAda Obi Wrap Belt

Already an ADA fan? Check out this fantastic How-To video for more styling tips and tricks!

Find this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Metallic Open Cardigan, Tulle
Pleated Floral Dress, Tulle – $77
Purslane Studs, Mani Designs – $98
Fringe Soga Wrap Belt, Ada – $62 (online and in-store)
Pumps, Dolce Vita – Model’s Own

Big thanks to our newest contributor Amelia Brommer for the post, Paola Nazati Photography for the images, Battery Park Book Exchange for the location, and Meagan for modeling!

Field Tripping in Gingham and Gold

The Girl Next Door Gingham Top

Ada Wrap Belt in Mustard Sometimes, we can plan ahead for the perfect settings for our photographs, and other times, they find us. As we continued Westward, we stumbled across the loveliest overgrown lot- the perfect place to remind us that a great look can transcend space and time.

As with any expansion, as West Asheville continues to blossom, green spaces are becoming intentionally placed, well manicured, and harder to find.  So, we savored the chance to capture this serendipitous meeting- our field trip in gingham and gold.

Ada Wrap Belt in Mustard We absolutely love the timelessness of this outfit. With a familiar fabric and vintage silhouette, this look lends itself to playing with color- the pop of neon and mustard are the perfect ode to trend, keeping this look modern without sacrificing sophistication.

The Girl Next Door Gingham TopA little dash of gold is the perfect way to add some personality to any look. So, we kept our accessories playful yet understated with our ‘Hold your Horses’ necklace and ‘Playtime Slingbacks’ by Seychelles. Because, don’t forget, even the most refined women know how to have fun.

Parts of this look are available from our online store, the rest is from the downtown boutique.

The Girl Next Door Gingham Top, JOA (online) – $43
Hold Your Horses Necklace (online) – $18
Leather Wrap Belt in Mustard, Ada (online) – $77
Fanny Linen Chambray Skirt, C.P. Shades- $148
Playtime Slingbacks in Gold, Seychelles – $92

Thanks to Grace for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.

VTK_6419VTK_6407VTK_6400 VTK_6477

 Neon Two Piece, Reverse – $75
Sheer Kimono, Reverse – $65
Leather Wrap Belt in Mustard, ADA – $77
You Know Me Sandals, Seychelles – $81

This outfit is available in our downtown boutique.

Thanks to The Regeneration Station; Hanah for modeling, and Paola Nazati Photography.

kerisma_haas_top-3kerisma_haas_top-2 kerisma_haas_top-4 kerisma_haas_top

Haas Top in Black (Blush and Heather available online), Kerisma  – $66
Stretch Jersey Pencil Skirt in Black and Taupe Stripe, Promesa  – $27
Leather Wrap Belt in Truffle, ADA – $77
Knuckle Ring, Minx Accessories – $12
Open Oval Ring, Tiffany Kuntz – $42
Woven Clamshell Clutch, Minx Accessories – $78
Painted Wooden Bangle, VOZ – $28
Platform Sandals, Eric Michaels – $132

This outfit is available in our downtown boutique.

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.


stopstarring_blackdress-2Parts of this outfit are available in our downtown boutique. 

Here at Minx, we specialize in versatility. Even pieces that look like once in awhile wears can always be dressed down with the right accessories. We just hate the idea that our most beautiful dresses are getting left behind in the closet waiting for a special occasion- why not wear the things you love during your day-to-day? It’ll have you looking good and feeling great, we promise!

Here one of our stylists, Isis, shows you how she’s done it with one of her favorite recent buys- Stop Staring’s Nightlife Dress.

For the daytime: I love the feminine feel of this dress, but during the day, I wanted to contrast that vibe with something a little more rugged- like my Frye Sabrina Lace-Ups and my trusted Ada belt. In this look, the dress provides a perfect neutral background for my wintery accessories! 

For a night out: This dress has been my go-to for a night on the town. I love drawing attention to the beautiful neckline with a sparkly necklace- like the gorgeous piece by Gerard Yosca (still in store!) I’ve also been getting a ton of wear out of my Marcia Moran Black Agate Ring- a recent Minx buy! Aside from that, I kept the accessorizing to a minimum, as I feel this dress speaks for itself! 

So come in and let Isis help you transform your little black dress!

Thanks to Isis for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.

Pony Up

Pony Print Dress by Ark n CoPony Print Dress by Ark n Co

Click any photo above to view it larger.

This just in: a fresh batch of lovelies from customer favorite, Ark & Co.. We’re giddy over this cool Pony Print Twist Back Dress of theirs and love it styled with a bright ADA belt, Seaworthy Stamped Earrings and Lucky Penny Boots. Come check out the rest of our shipment along with loads of other sweet new arrivals in-store!

This outfit is available in our downtown boutique.

Pony Print Twist Back Dress, Ark & Co. – $36
Leather Wrap Belt in Coral, ADA (in-store and online) – $77
Stamped Brass Earrings, Seaworthy – $48
Lucky Penny Boots, Seychelles – $143

Thanks to Rachael for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.

Online Love: our Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress

Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress

Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress

A midi tank dress with a fabulous print for $47… what’s not to love?! We’ve paired our Marrakesh Tank Dress with one of our favorite pieces from David Aubrey and an indispensable leather wrap belt by ADA. But the great thing about black and white dresses is how easy they are to change-up, wear-to-wear, by just swapping accent colors.

Most of this outfit is available in our online store.

Marrakesh Midi Tank Dress – $47
Leather Wrap Belt in Truffle, ADA – $77
Green and Taupe Statement Necklace, David Aubrey (in-store only) – $92
Nelly Two-Tone Heels in Beige/Lavender – $62

Thanks to Grace for modeling; Asha, for letting us shoot in her rad house; and Paola Nazati Photography.

Online Love: The Heidi Dress in Aqua Byzantine Print

lavand hanah dress

Click any photo above to view it larger.ada belt in truffle

lavand hanah dress

Everything from our latest shipment from lavand has been so lovely, but the Heidi Dress is topping our list of favorites. The button-up front, faux apron back, gorgeous print and full skirt make this frock truly unique and irreplaceable. It’s a must try for any special event on the horizon.

This entire outfit is available in our online store.

Heidi Dress in Aqua Byzantine Print, lavand. – $74
Leather Wrap Belt in Truffle, ADA (in-store and online) – $77
Thyme Suede Wedges in Teal, Seychelles  – $99

Thanks to Hanah for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.