Big Wheels

Folks, we are BACK! And it is quite possibly our favorite time of year: Fall! Okay, maybe our favorite time is holiday. Or maybe Springtime. Okay, we can’t decide. But we are smack dab in the middle of Fall transition and we are LOVING it. We are starting to shake out our sweaters from the backs of our closets and they feel like the warm, familiar hug of a good friend you haven’t seen in awhile. It’s glorious. But let’s face it, 60 degree mornings turn into 85 degree afternoons and that makes wearing cable knits and wool sweaters out of the question. So, for now, don’t pack away your shirt dresses just yet! Just be sure to layer up and you’ll be able to change your look according to the weather. Florals are certainly not just a spring/summertime staple, they can be worn well into the wintery season. Consider a darker floral or this beautiful mustard shade. Add your favorite light duster or denim jacket and you’re prepared for whatever the weather may bring!


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Floral Dress, Esley – $59
Denim Full Length Jacket, Current Air – $81
Sunnies, Spitfire – $39
Wicker Basket – $120
Sneakers, model’s own

Thanks to Chase for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Fleetwoods for the perfect backdrop.

Minx Values – Love


Love is the energy at the heart of who we are. We unabashedly love fashion and people, and love that our business has created the opportunity to connect them. We love being Minx. We love Asheville – the people who live here and the people who visit. We love opening our doors everyday and meeting the challenges that arise.

Minx Values – Teamwork


Our staff is always learning how to be a team with each other and with our customers. We walk our talk by representing our values at every opportunity – everyday. We are accountable and supportive to each other, to the business, and to our customers. We believe that we are always stronger together – all of us.

Minx Values – Respect


Respect is a cornerstone of all of our intentions. We believe that true consideration of others is an inimitable gift and we show that consideration by listening, by transacting with honor, by empathizing, and by understanding. We have healthy respect for others’ humanity, including their limitations, challenges, and boundaries, as well as their desires + intentions.

Minx Values – Meaningful Work

Meaningful work

We find our work to be worthy, to be a contribution, to be satisfying to us and others. The efforts we put forth reflect our commitment to the dignity of work and service. We believe that we are supporting women in their self-expression in the world, and this ripples into the world in powerful, positive ways the we may never see – but we know to be good.

Minx Values – Humility


We believe that being humble in the world of retail fashion is not only a breath of fresh air, but is also a reflection of our gratitude. We are grateful for our gifts and talents, for our opportunities, for the generosity of our customers and community, and for the sheer pleasure of sharing our abilities and understanding of fashion with the people who visit our shop.