Trashy Diva

These vintage-inspired dresses are so flattering and fun to wear!  We love it when we can really feel the love that goes into the creation of a garment and Trashy Diva continues to deliver that, piece after piece.  Many of their garments are made with vintage reproduction prints and all of their items are of the highest quality natural fibers like silk and rayon.  These dresses really go the distance in style, wearability and quality.

Here’s what Trashy Diva have to say for themselves,

Each piece is both timeless and ageless with inspiration taken from antique and vintage clothing with a strong emphasis on feminine styles that flatter a variety of body types. We strive to bring back fine details that are rarely seen in clothing today. Most of our clothing is not “hand made”, but you will find that each piece has a one-of-a-kind feeling. You might see the clothing and think “vintage reproduction,” but believe me that is most often FAR from the case. We base many of our styles on vintage, but totally fashion each style to be above all else flattering- which usually means weeks of refitting the garments and recutting patterns.We use only fine fabrics in our garments PERIOD (why use anything but the best?). Most of our garments that are lined are also lined in silk, therefore we suggest DRY CLEANING for all of our garments.We produce an exceptionally well made clothing at attractive price points.

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