Colorful, comfortable and on trend, Seychelles shoes finish any outfit without breaking the bank.  Every Minx employee has at least three pairs and wear them to work; which speaks volumes about their wearability and cuteness.

About the brand from their website:

Seychelles shoes are designed for a girl with a different point of view:  independent and romantic, with a sharp eye for mixing the best vintage elements with modern designs.  The Seychelles girl has a love of decades past, and her look is influenced by starlets of classic film, music and literature:  complex and glamorous beauties with equal parts sex appeal and intellect.  Whether taking a night-time stroll through the city or getting lost in an old copy of Wuthering Heights, the Seychelles girl is a dreamer and a rebel.  She is on a constant quest to find shoes that suit her mood.

Seychelles fills this need by delivering styles as diverse as she is, from flats and sandals to heels and boots, all with the perfect blend of cutting edge looks and timeless vintage details.

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