Red Engine

We love Red Engine!  You can always tell the difference between a quality pair of jeans that can stand up to being your favorites for years and a cheaply-made flavor-of-the-weekend pair.  Red Engine Jeans are the former.

Above –  one of our favorite styles:  the dark wash high-waisted skinny.

Here’s a little about this sweet denim company from their website…

Authentic vintage-inspired American jeans, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California.

Helmed by owner/designer James Boldes, Red Engine has achieved cult-status among denim connoisseurs who demand the very best, inside and out, from his or her jeans. Being the “flavor of the month” is exactly what we avoid — our denim line is based on the consistent quality, feel, and “cool” of vintage denim, and it’s continually freshened with updated fits and styles. Totally new and distinctive wash processes are introduced often, and each pair of Red Engines is detailed and finished entirely by hand.

The former vice president of production at Guess? all throughout the Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole boom days, Jim built Red Engine from the ground up in 1999, along with his wife Kristen, a former Guess? designer. Having begun operations literally out of their garage, today Red Engine is delivered to more than 600+ specialty boutiques nationwide. And with showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Auckland, Sydney, and Dublin, they are also available in hundreds of prestige stores internationally.

Constantly searching out the world’s finest’s denim, we import only the best fabrics from Europe and Japan then produce the line entirely in Los Angeles. By producing it locally, Red Engine stays constantly involved in all aspects of the design, development, and production processes ensuring the highest quality product possible.

In a market era of over-specialization, where current trends and new products are mass produced and non-exclusive, Red Engine is committed to creating a focused line, and to making it exceptionally well. The delicious result is a line that features cutting-edge wash techniques, contemporary fits for all types of bodies, and unique finishes with a tremendous amount of hand detailing.

All of this nonstop attention to detail allows Red Engine to deliver a collection of jeans, skirts, shorts, and jackets infused with passion that fits great, looks amazing, and feels exceptional from the inside out.

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