Butter by Nadia

We’ve been carrying Butter by Nadia here at Minx since 2009.  We just love the versatility and quality that the line offers.  These dresses epitomize the phrase, “maximize your wardrobe.” We’re always coming up with new and exciting ways to wear them.

A little about Butter from their facebook info page:

Butter by Nadia started with ONE DRESS in 2002. Eight years later the Label is now producing three collections and the infamous “Signature Wrap Dress” is but one, of countless inventive “LIMITLESS POSSIBILITY” Garments.

Nadia Tarr, owner and designer; former dancer and self taught seamstress, has revolutionized the idea of dressing in the modern world and blazed a trail for a movement in fashion by not only reintroducing but reinventing convertible clothing.

Butter by Nadia’s three collections; Butter Basics, The Collectors Edition and Signature Line provide Nadia with the opportunity to make the perfect garment for absolutely “everyBODY.” We use the word every”body” because here at Butter we believe that women of all ages, shapes and sizes deserve to feel confident, sexy, stylish, comfortable and beautiful. Butter is painstakingly dedicated to designing garments that work.

All Butter by Nadia garments are “ONE SIZE FLATTERS. ” One size flatters? Yes. Our garments don’t just fit, they actually flatter. Butter by Nadia garments are designed by Nadia herself and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY of USA. Butter’s fabrics are exclusive to Butter as we have spent the last five years working tirelessly to develop the perfect fabrics for our garments. In doing so we have created an end product, that once on you body, will be incomparable in look and feel to any other convertible clothing on the market.

Butter’s Signature Collection has become a go to source for modern, stylish, no nonsense brides and bridesmaids. As the line offers immediate shipment of multiple styles, in a plethora of colors perfect for a modern wedding.

Please ask us about placing an order for your special event.

6 thoughts on “Butter by Nadia

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  2. ALY Wong

    Hi, am looking for a dress for my sister in law’s wedding in Oct 2011 and really like this dress either in Olive, Lead or Slate. Can i order through you? Thanks so much 🙂


    1. breigh Post author

      Hi there! We can special order these dresses for you but we have a 3 dress minimum for placing special orders from Butter by Nadia. The dresses do not have to be the same color/style but this is more of an option for an entire bridal party. We have just sold out of all of our Butter dresses but have ordered a run of the Signature Wrap Dress in Weed (mossy green) and Cerulean and the Lolita (strapless) in Sapphire that can be purchased one-at-a-time. Please email our buyer joti[at]minxasheville.com regarding special orders or call the shop at 828-225-5680 to place an order over the phone. Thanks for your interest!

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