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In Your Dreams

Minx has been built on not only a love of and deep connection to fashion and visual expression, but also to music. Connection to live performance, music history and trends, and melody are all foundational to who Minx is. We recognize that music and fashion are sides of the same coin of expression – it would be hard for us to have one without the other. As music trends and taste change and return, so, we find, does fashion. We hope you find that these inexplicable forces are serving you well in how you navigate your world and that Minx is able to help join them together. Imagine the music throughout your life that has shaped who you are and how you see the world. If you were to visualize it – what colors would you see? We see this process similarly with fashion. What tune do you hear in your head when you wear a floral print? How about a leather moto jacket? Does the rhythm of your steps change with the change of your attire? We hope you will explore these ideas within yourself and as you step outside of your fashion comfort zone, maybe let your new favorite song lead the way? Sure, maybe you’ve never worn a crop top. But something about blasting the new Beyonce album kind of makes you wanna give it a try. Go with that! And we’ll be here to give you compassionate and authentic guidance while you make those choices. You got this!







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“In Your Dreams” Crew-Neck, Hips & Hair – $75
Studded Wedgie Short, Levis – $98
“Jasper” Shoes, NY Shoes – $58
Gold Hoop Earrings, NY Jewelry – $12

Thanks to Ruby for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

A Little Bit Rock and Roll

fur_lace_trouser-1 fur_lace_trouser-2 RD Style Fur Vest Ornamental Things Copper Heart Locket, Borsalino Manzoni Hat Fedora, Fur, and Lace French Connection Cropped Trousers Borsalino Hat Borsalino, French Connection, and RD Style Shop this look in our downtown boutique!

Manzoni Fur Felted Fedora, Borsalino – $259
Lace Blouse, Ark & Co – $84
Copper Heart Locket, Ornamental Things – $37
Nicolette Bangle, Julie Vos – $39
Faux Fur Wool Vest, RD Style – $135
Glass Stretch Cropped Trousers, French Connection – $168
Assisi Pumps, Hudson – $255


Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!


It’s Friday, Let’s Jam!

It’s a beautiful Friday in Asheville! The weather is warm, the leaves are turning, and we’ve got the perfect tune to set the mood for a fantastic fall weekend! The parkway is calling, so grab a friend, hop in the car, and turn up our Friday Jam!

What’s on deck this week? Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin” from his new album,
B’lieve I’m Goin Down. 

Here’s to a fabulous weekend friends! XOXO

It’s Friday, Let’s Jam!

Happy Friday! Here’s to a weekend full of frivolous fun! We’re ready to get this party started and we’ve got just the track in mind. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space- this one is gonna make you want to dance! This Friday’s jam?  Tanline’s ‘Brothers’ from Highlights. XOXO



It’s Friday, Let’s Jam!

Happy Friday Friends! Another work week has flown by (as they always seem to around Minx HQ.) As the weekend approaches, let’s make a point to step back, slow down, and make the time to enjoy another beautiful weekend of summer before they’re gone!

This Friday, we’re turning to the ultimate feel-good band and a track guaranteed to remind you to savor every last drop of summertime sunshine- “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” from The Beach Boys 1966 album Pet Sounds



It’s Friday, Let’s Jam!

Happy Friday! We’re celebrating today with open windows, easy breezy summer dresses, and our favorite track from Lake Street Dive! Lake Street Dive has been getting a lot of air-time around Minx this week (not to mention some serious sing-alongs!) With beautiful harmonies, serious talent, and totally catchy tunes, we have a feeling this group will be a summertime favorite for a long time to come! So come along, grab a friend, crank up the volume, and join our Friday Jam!

Lake Street Dive- Bad Self Portraits

On deck this week? Lake Street Dive’s “You Go Down Smooth” from their album, Bad Self Portraits. Enjoy!


It’s Friday! Let’s Jam!

Congratulations on making it through another work week! Nothing ahead but a weekend full of summer sunshine, fruity libations, and (almost) endless possibilities! Since every perfect weekend needs a killer soundtrack, let us get yours started with our Friday Jam!

What’s on deck this week? Kevin Morby’s “All of My Life” from his sophomore album Still Life.