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Minxie Staff Style File: Meet Kristin

Meet Kristin! A long time shopper and friend, Kristin is a welcomed addition to the Minx family! Around Minx HQ, Kristin is a multi-tasker extraordinaire. From assisting on blog shoots to inventory management, Kristin ensures that everything (and everyone) at Minx runs smoothly! Read our interview below to get to know this new Minxie a little better:

Staff Style Files: Kristen Describe your signature style.  I tend to let each day and how I’m feeling guide what I wear. Some days are simple and all about comfort while more adventurous days I may blend colors and patterns. 

Favorite music? I can get into just about anything. I love being introduced to new music. Right now I am really loving some old school Galactic & Gillian Welch. 

Current obsession? My Melanie High Tops by Frye. They are extremely comfortable and can be dressed up or down! 

Frye Melanie High Tops

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands?

  1. French Connection- I love their tailored and unique ideas! 
  2. Frye- They are always comfortable & last FOREVER!
  3. Alternative Apparel- Simple, comfortable, and perfect. 

Style icon? I’m not sure I have one person in particular. I like to gather inspiration from all the people around me!

On your wishlist? The brand new Blizzard Parka from Woolrich. I want to be ready for winter this year!

Favorite local activity? That would be a tie between a romantic dinner at Table & spending the day hiking with my family.

Last/Fav Minx purchase? My Frye leather hightops! They are seriously my everyday go-to! Best of all, they’re still in stock! 

Thanks to Kristin for answering our questions! Photos by Paola Nazati Photography!


Minxie Staff Style File: Meet Katherin

Meet Katherin! If you’ve ever made it into Minx, you’ve definitely had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Katherin! Between managing the shop and buying new merchandise, Minx keeps Katherin busy, but like the wonder woman she is, you’ll always find her rocking some fabulous outfit with a big smile to match! Read our interview below & get to know Katherin a little better:French Connection Dress French Connection Dress, Nike Sneakers Minxie Staff Style Files: Meet Katherin! Lulu Designs Earrings Lulu Designs Bracelet Katherin's Signature Style Describe your signature style.  I love a uniform! Tailored, feminine, and sporty- all at the same time! 

Favorite music? I am totally into the Rdio app right now- it’s constantly reminding me of great throwbacks I’d forgotten about! (Little secret: I did listen to Color Me Badd recently!)

Current obsession? My new Moonstone Spencer Earrings by Julie Vos. 

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands? Cheap Monday, Neuw, and Adidas.

Style icon? Molly Ringwald. Pretty in Pink was in heavy rotation at my house for quite some time!

On your wishlist? Art from a few of my extremely talented friends (like some pieces from Allybuilt Pottery!) 

Favorite local activity? Craft Night with my ladies! 

Last/Fav Minx purchase? I’m loving my Victorian inspired lace mini dress from one of our new lines, Re:Named. It’s the perfect piece to help transition my wardrobe into fall! And great news- we have more in stock! 

Thanks to Katherin for answering our questions! Gorgeous photos by Paola Nazati Photography!

Minxie Staff Style File: Get to Know Sarah Jane

Meet Sarah Jane! If you’ve been into Minx recently, chances are you have already worked with the lovely SJ. Whether she’s offering a big smile or a styling tip, Sarah Jane is happy to offer a helping hand to all our customers! Read our interview below to get to know what makes the stylish Sarah Jane such a, well, Minx: Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane

Describe your signature style.  My style? A funky mix of neutral colors and great basics with the occasional 70’s vibe. Oh, and shift dresses. I LOVE shift dresses!

Favorite music? As a classically trained singer, music is a huge part of my life. Every day is a different artist, genre, and sound! I love all music! 

Current obsession? Platforms and bellbottoms! And crop tops to go with! 

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands? What makes them special? My favorite brands are definitely Frye, Neuw, and Susana Monaco. 

Frye- stylish classic shoes and boots that are lifelong pieces. I have never regretted a single Frye purchase and I know I never will. Know for their beautiful construction, interesting styles, and reliability, Frye definitely ranks in my top three favorite brands. 

Neuw Denim- the whole concept of Neuw being cut from vintage patterns but updated for a more modern fit thrills me! I love vintage, but I hate seeking it out. My Neuw jeans and super hip and hold their shape like nobody’s business! 

Susana Monaco- I love low maintenance items! Her pieces are beautiful, super wearable, and fit great! Susana Monaco is my best travel buddy! 

Style icon?  I have so many! My inspiration comes from the women I surround myself with.

I have always looked at my sister for mad style inspiration! She is effortlessly chic. My mother is also a big inspiration. Her store has taught me the value of quality. Also, I live with two girls with some of the best closets in Asheville- we get to help each other look awesome everyday!  And last but certainly not least, I work with the most stylish and beautiful women! We collaborate on ideas and styling every day too! 

On your wishlist? Plaid, lace-up boots, and lots of sweaters! I have fall on the brain! 

Favorite local activity? Tubing!!!

Last/Fav Minx purchase? The Jessie Bohemian Two Piece Sandals from Frye!

Thanks to Sarah Jane for answering our questions! Photography by Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography. Be sure to tell SJ how cute she is on the blog the next time you see her!

Introducting: Linx We Love- Orange You Glad We Shared Them?

Here at Minx, we have always valued the idea of ‘True Style’- the kind of personal style that is sometimes trendy, often timeless, but always full of inspiration from all parts of life. Style, like life, is built by a series of experiences- it requires love, attention, and risk: but sometimes you’ll still end up in stirrup pants.

Our true style inspirations are everywhere- from things that make us think, make us feel, and make us squeal aloud with joy. Sometimes they’re obvious, others are hiding, but we’ve shortened the search and want to share them with you!

So, we’re proudly introducing a new segment: “Linx We Love!” Each week, we will share 5 inspiring finds, selected on a theme, from around the web to pass along to you. This weeks theme? Minx orange.

1. Feeling Daring? Find the Best Orange Lipstick For Your Skin Tone– From Harper’s BAZAAR

2. A Funky Chic Decorating Retreat – from The Designer Pad

3. The Perfect Blood Orange Summer Cocktail–  from Culinary Musings

4. Our Darling Pleated Top by Everly– from

5. An all time favorite inspiration- Orange Skies by Love– from Da Capo (1967)


stopstarring_blackdress-2Parts of this outfit are available in our downtown boutique. 

Here at Minx, we specialize in versatility. Even pieces that look like once in awhile wears can always be dressed down with the right accessories. We just hate the idea that our most beautiful dresses are getting left behind in the closet waiting for a special occasion- why not wear the things you love during your day-to-day? It’ll have you looking good and feeling great, we promise!

Here one of our stylists, Isis, shows you how she’s done it with one of her favorite recent buys- Stop Staring’s Nightlife Dress.

For the daytime: I love the feminine feel of this dress, but during the day, I wanted to contrast that vibe with something a little more rugged- like my Frye Sabrina Lace-Ups and my trusted Ada belt. In this look, the dress provides a perfect neutral background for my wintery accessories! 

For a night out: This dress has been my go-to for a night on the town. I love drawing attention to the beautiful neckline with a sparkly necklace- like the gorgeous piece by Gerard Yosca (still in store!) I’ve also been getting a ton of wear out of my Marcia Moran Black Agate Ring- a recent Minx buy! Aside from that, I kept the accessorizing to a minimum, as I feel this dress speaks for itself! 

So come in and let Isis help you transform your little black dress!

Thanks to Isis for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.

Black + White Maternity-Friendly Maxi Dress at Minx

Black + White Maternity-Friendly Maxi Dress at Minx

Are you pregnant and less than inspired by the maternity clothing options in Asheville? Well put down the yoga pants and come into Minx with an open mind. We are stocked with comfortable, stretchy pieces that our salesgirls will be happy to help you style. Embrace your new curves and have some fun dressing them!

This outfit is available in our downtown Asheville boutique only.

Black + White Striped Racerback Maxi Dress, Lani – $48
Shrug Pocket Blouse in Peacock Blue  – $24
Blue Rhinestones Necklace – $18
Fox Studs – $12
DV Suede Loafers, Minx Last Year – Breigh’s Own

Thanks to Breigh for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.

It’s been said that our staff here at Minx are some of the most stylish women in Asheville. So, we thought we’d begin a new segment of posts where we’ll highlight some of these fancy ladies, starting with our darling Floor Manager, Katherin. We asked her to tell us about the outfit that she wore to work in the photos above and here’s what she had to say:

Eyeoto Dress: Cheap Monday is one of my favorite brands! I fell in love with the minimalistic approach to this hunter green beauty! I like how the side panel can be worn around the neck as a chic, monochromatic look. I wanted to try it first with two necklaces that are in heavy rotation for me.

Serefina Necklace: vintage chain, longer necklace, it’s substantial and grounding.

Tiffany Kunz Necklace: made from reclaimed bronze… this makes me happy – my fancy bow tie.

Frye Sabrina Lace-Ups: I am a huge Frye fan! I love the rugged versatility and sleek feminine heel. They’re my go-to boots for wintery, Asheville weather. I have a feeling my dresses will get to know these quite well 🙂

Sheila Fajl Cocktail Ring: I had to have this S.F. ring because of the cut-out star setting alone! I love popping it on with jeans and a tee. It gets a LOT of LOVE!

Thanks Katherin! We still have sizes Small-Large available of the Eyeoto Dress in our Online Store. The boots are completely sold-out (but we can special order them upon request) and we’re still stocked with lovely adornments from Serefina. Be sure to tell KK how cute she is on the blog the next time you see her!

My Mad Men Day Dream

Don’t call these vintage reproductions. Trashy Diva brings your ideal vintage dress dream to a 2010 reality!

I’m a vintage clothing hound.  I’ve been collecting vintage clothing for nearly 15 years, which means my collection has been pruned to perfection.  Every vintage dress I have left is an absolute stunner, a perfect representative of my favorite silhouettes and fabrics from the 40s to the 70s.  The only thing I’m missing at this point is the perfect vintage Halston…

Nevertheless, I can’t resist adding these insanely perfect Trashy Diva dresses to my closet.  These beauties are the best vintage-inspired dresses I’ve seen.  Trashy Diva gives you a chance to sport the retro (and yet never costumey) look without any of the hassles that come with owning & wearing real vintage (short bodice lengths, seams that have a tendency to split easily, the fear of moths attacking your favorite 40s wool rayon frock and that dreaded dryrot!).

And good vintage is just so hard to find now a days.  Most of it got consumed in the vintage revival of the mid to late nineties and when you can find a vintage dress that calls your name, it’s so rarely in your size.  And condition will cost you nowadays.  You don’t just happen to come across 50s polished cotton party dresses for $4 at Good Will anymore…

Trashy Diva embodies the true spirit of the vintage wearer (I’m looking at you, girl in the vintage dress!): a love of beautiful prints, an appreciation of the often superior construction of vintage dresses and a fondness for the silhouettes of the 40s and 50s.

These dresses are absolutely spot-on from the perfect prints and color choices, like the dead-on 40s celadon green of the Obi dress (not to mention its perfect chrysanthemum print) to the 40s/50s silhouettes re-interpreted for a wide range of modern body-types to the choice of truly fine fabrics (Katie wears the Charlotte Dress in Retro Floral fashioned out of heavy-weight silk crepe de chine!).

And of course it doesn’t hurt that they all make us look so happy.  We had to place a second order so all the Minxies could grab their dream dress and still have a full size run left… for you, dear customer, should get first pick.

I’ll be taking home three.  And all of them are worthy to join the collection.

Hover over the pictures to see prices.