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Crushed Blush

It’s no secret how much we (and the fashion world at large!) love this blush-y, rose-y shade of pink. Maybe we love how closely it matches a crisp glass of rose? Maybe we cant help but be swept up in the “millennial pink” trend? No matter how we got there – we sure our happy to incorporate more pink in our wardrobe. With this soft, pastel look we thought incorporating bold accessories and shoes would balance it nicely and add some interest. Don’t wait for an all-neutral look to add a pop of color – just pair pieces from the same color family and find a pair of statement shoes to really top it off. We love how these heels from Seychelles really stand out with the rest of this otherwise monochromatic look. So, millennial or not, we hope you feel encouraged to think pink this summer!






Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Cross Stitch Box Top, Final Touch – $29
Pencil Skirt, Trinity Tribe – $22
“Journey” Heels in Denim, Seychelles – $123
“Orbit” Earrings, Sibilia – $79
“Parallel” Cuff, Alexandra Scarlett – $90

Thanks to Breigh for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and East West Vintage Rentals for the perfect backdrop.

Take a Bow

The floral shift dress is (or definitely should be!) a staple in every gals’ wardrobe. Its flirty and girly while still being adaptable to everyone’s personal style and flair. They can be dressed up with heels, or down with a denim jacket and sneakers. Its no secret the millions of wardrobe variations you can create with a floral dress and a little creativity. Feeling tired of your classic combos? Try different textures in the same color family. We love these velvet belt that can be tied in many different ways to suit the occasion. Adding some statement shoes, with some unexpected texture like faux fur or metal hardware, adds interest and changes up the entire vibe without my effort. Accessorizing is key for putting a new spin on your most beloved go-to pieces.






Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Floral Dress, Peach Love – $56
Earrings, Extasia – $114
Velvet Wrap Belt, NY Accessories – $24
“Myth” Sandals, BC – No longer available

Thanks to Chase for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Owl Bakery for the perfect backdrop.

Connect the Dots

The name of the game this is Spring is… wait for it!…RUFFLES!! This trend has been popping up everywhere and we are loving it! The ruffle trend hasn’t ever really fall off the grid – it just goes in and out of subtlety throughout the seasons. This detail stands out nicely with the Bardot-style or peasant top or even as some added interest on a pair of socks. Traffic People incorporates this ruffle trend beautifully in sleeves this maxi dress. This piece is a total show stopper and conversation starter, while still not being completely over the top. At Minx, we love on-trend pieces and even more when trends are used in a way that makes them totally timeless.






Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Polka Dot Maxi Dress, Traffic People – $128
Gold Necklace, Zenza – $43

Thanks to Chase for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Owl Bakery for the perfect backdrop.

Minxie Staff Style File: Get to Know Sarah Jane

Meet Sarah Jane! If you’ve been into Minx recently, chances are you have already worked with the lovely SJ. Whether she’s offering a big smile or a styling tip, Sarah Jane is happy to offer a helping hand to all our customers! Read our interview below to get to know what makes the stylish Sarah Jane such a, well, Minx: Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane Minx Staff File- Sarah Jane

Describe your signature style.  My style? A funky mix of neutral colors and great basics with the occasional 70’s vibe. Oh, and shift dresses. I LOVE shift dresses!

Favorite music? As a classically trained singer, music is a huge part of my life. Every day is a different artist, genre, and sound! I love all music! 

Current obsession? Platforms and bellbottoms! And crop tops to go with! 

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands? What makes them special? My favorite brands are definitely Frye, Neuw, and Susana Monaco. 

Frye- stylish classic shoes and boots that are lifelong pieces. I have never regretted a single Frye purchase and I know I never will. Know for their beautiful construction, interesting styles, and reliability, Frye definitely ranks in my top three favorite brands. 

Neuw Denim- the whole concept of Neuw being cut from vintage patterns but updated for a more modern fit thrills me! I love vintage, but I hate seeking it out. My Neuw jeans and super hip and hold their shape like nobody’s business! 

Susana Monaco- I love low maintenance items! Her pieces are beautiful, super wearable, and fit great! Susana Monaco is my best travel buddy! 

Style icon?  I have so many! My inspiration comes from the women I surround myself with.

I have always looked at my sister for mad style inspiration! She is effortlessly chic. My mother is also a big inspiration. Her store has taught me the value of quality. Also, I live with two girls with some of the best closets in Asheville- we get to help each other look awesome everyday!  And last but certainly not least, I work with the most stylish and beautiful women! We collaborate on ideas and styling every day too! 

On your wishlist? Plaid, lace-up boots, and lots of sweaters! I have fall on the brain! 

Favorite local activity? Tubing!!!

Last/Fav Minx purchase? The Jessie Bohemian Two Piece Sandals from Frye!

Thanks to Sarah Jane for answering our questions! Photography by Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography. Be sure to tell SJ how cute she is on the blog the next time you see her!

Local Fashionistas: Rebecca Ashburn

I recently caught up with one of our first and most-devoted shoppers and good friend, Rebecca Ashburn.  She and her husband own and operate the tattoo and piercing parlor Liquid Dragon in the courtyard next door to us.  She pierces, he tattoos. We love having such cool, stylish, and genuinely nice neighbors.  If you’re a Lexington Ave regular, you’re sure to have noticed Rebecca classing up our street in one covetable ensemble or another.    She is one of our favorite people.

Here is our Q&A with Rebecca.  Photography by Paola Nazati.

Where are you from?  I am from the small town of Laona in northern Wisconsin.

What led you to Asheville?  Living in a small town proved itself to be difficult when I was a person who had my own opinions, ideas, and a passion to wear something other than boess jeans and shaker sweaters.  I had a couple of friends living here so I hopped a bus my senior year of high school and woke up in Asheville.

Describe your style.  My style? Quirky, fun, lots of sweaters and fitted jackets, and things that make me smile.

Magazines or blogs that you read?  Lucky is my favorite magazine and Minx’s is the only blog that I follow.

Favorite music?  I like many kinds of music.  Old country like Patsy Cline or Glen Campbell, classic rock like Boston.  Punk, some death rock and maybe a little metal.  I think my CD player in my truck at the moment has Death in June, Violent Femmes, Cocteau Twins, Jenny & Johnny and Lynn Anderson (Christmas music) in it.

Current obsession?  A sold out pair of Frye boots exclusive to Anthropologie.

Three things you’re never without?  Lipstick, cash and a weapon or two.  A girl has to be able to take care of herself, and look good doing it.

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands? Definitely Frye and Trashy Diva, but mostly I cut out tags and have no idea who or what I wear, I just know where it was purchased.  When it comes to jewelry I love to support local artists.

Style icon?  Zooey Deschanel. I always love how she looks and dresses.

On your wishlist?  A beautiful Lockheart bag.

Favorite local activity? Shopping and dining downtown, LaZoom, hanging out with my family and catching a good movie.

Last/fave Minx purchase? Red Engine high-waisted jeans!

Thanks Rebecca!

Local Fashionistas: Leila Amiri

Asheville has no shortage of stylish, cool girls and our latest “Local Fashionista,” Leila happens to be super-sweet, and uber-creative to boot. Paola and I caught up with her at her adorable house near downtown.  We had tea and talked about fashion, cinema and our common love of Frye Oxfords.  Read our interview below.

Where are you from?  Never entirely sure how to answer this question. I grew up in South Jersey, attended high school in Jacksonville, Florida, lived in Philadelphia for college, and then moved to Asheville.

What led you to Asheville?  My best friend moved to Asheville for college. I visited her several times and really took to the place. It was during those visits that I met Mark, my sweetheart. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have anything to do with him.

Occupation?  Artist/Server

Describe your style.  Gold, high-waisted everything and shirts tucked in.  Mark upon hearing about this feature, “So they want to know more about you dressing like a mom?”

Magazines or blogs that you read?  Blogs: The Sartorialist, The Style Rookie (Tavi’s blog), Gretchen Jones, The Man Repeller  / Magazines: Tokion, The New Yorker, Cabinet, Nylon, Vogue

Favorite music?  Palace Brothers (anything that has anything to do with Will Oldham), The Replacements, REM, The Feelies.

Current obsession?  Dee Dee Ramone

Three things youʼre never without.  A watch, bobby pins, and cash.

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands?  A lot of my tops are thrifted. As for shoes, I like Frye, Doc Martens, and Hasbeens (though I don’t own a pair myself). I like Brahmin bags, Seiko watches, and Essie nail polish.

Style icons?  Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Debbie Harry

On your wish-list?  A pair of Swedish Hasbeens.

Favorite local activity?  Walking our dachshund, Igby, to Montford park in the morning.

Last/fave Minx purchase?  An ADA wrap belt.

Photography by Paola Nazati.

Update:  Leila, Mark and the pup have moved since this shoot to a house that I’m sure is equally as cute.

Asheville Fashionistas: Sara Kate Eubanks

We’re starting a new “Asheville Fashionistas” segment for our blog featuring some of the most stylish women in town. Of course we couldn’t have a feature on local fashionistas without a real, pure-bred Ashevillian. Enter: Sara Kate Eubanks.  Sara Kate has been shopping with us since the early days and her fun and flirty sense of style gets us every time.  Paola and I went to photograph her at her chic apartment in North Asheville and had a blast talking about style, interior design and handsome mountain men while snapping away.  We are honored that she let us into her world for an afternoon… usually she’s in ours!

Where are you from? Asheville, born and raised.

Tell us about this look.  Clothing: skirt- Neslay (Minx), top- Silvergate (Minx), bra- Wacoal, heels- Naughty Monkey, clutch- Shiraleah (Minx), ring- by boe (Minx, Letitia has one too!), earrings- vintage Hattie Carnegie. Makeup: foundation- Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Foundation (great for drier skin), blush- Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink (perfect for that fresh cheek pop), lipstick- Bobbi Brown’s Sandwash Tulle.  Room: painting- local artist Cindy Walton ( and sideboard- vintage Milo Baughman.

Describe your style. I like classic lines/shapes/patterns, usually tailored for my curvier figure. Vintage inspired is always big for me. Heels or boots and a pop of color (usually as an accessory of some sort…shoes, ring, bag). Bows and flowers aren’t typically for me, but never say never, right?

Occupation?  Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown at Belk and night resident to contact in case of emergency at The Albemarle Inn.

Magazines or blogs that you read? blogs: Minx, Mrs. Lilien, Mark’s Daily Apple, Ashevegas, a spicy perspective, CrossFit Asheville. mags:  dwell, craft, readymade

Favorite music? Feist, Patsy Cline, The Dining Rooms, St. Germain, Etta James

Current Obsession? CrossFit

Three things youʼre never without? phone, lipstick/gloss, clutch/purse

Top three favorite clothing/shoe/accessory brands? French Connection, Frye, Tano.

Style icon? Sarah Jessica Parker

On your wish-list? A black clutch/purse. I don’t have one! All of my bags are colored. A pair of summer sandals, a black pair of Frye 14″ stitch boots. I have had the orange pair for nearly 4 years now and am wanting to invest in the black pair next.

Favorite local activity? Dinner at Curate followed by sitting on a bench in the warm weather watching the people walk by.

Last/fave Minx purchase? last: a green silk ruffle dress.  fave:  There are so many! My Butter by Nadia tube top pantsuit more than likely and my THREE Trashy Diva dresses (red, black fleur de lis and black shoulder studded deep V).

Thanks Sara Kate!

Photography by Paola Nazati.