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By Golly, By Timo

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of fashion rules. And I know we talk a lot here about how to push the envelope when those rules are holding you back from being your true authentic self. And this post is no different! There may not be a hashtag yet for the statement sock (or maybe there is? #statementsock where are ya?!) but we are certainly here for this subtle trend. It may seem like totally against the rules to pair sparkly socks with such a classic dress, but we say, “go for it!” This By Timo dress is a floral, ruffle, western, romance all rolled into one beautiful piece. Sometimes a piece that is so specific almost lends itself for even more rule-bending! Next time you’re out shopping, find something super literal and see if there are ways to bring it closer to your personal style. A Gingham dress with lace trim? Add a moto jacket and high top sneakers. A floor-length satin slip dress? Add a patterned long sleeve underneath or a neckerchief. In short, push that evenlope, friends! It’s fashion – nothing is off limits.





Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

50s Cotton Dress, By Timo – $191
“Katz” Red Block Heels, NY Shoes – $47
Socks, Model’s Own – $136
Earrings, NY Jewelry – $20

Thanks to Hannah for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Flower Shop

The floral dress is such a classic, folks. It’s honestly hard to think of an occasion where a floral dress of some sort would be inappropriate. If you’re operating in the world under the impression that florals are always feminine and always formal, I can totally see why but there’s a way out of this restrictive narrative. Consider fabric, accessories, and color pallet when choosing your floral. While these particular looks are absolutely on the formal side: consider how they would read to you if they were paired with sneakers and a distressed denim jacket. Instantly more casual. If this pattern is still a bit bold or loud for you, consider finding more of a micro-floral pattern. No matter how you slice it, a floral dress is definitely a wardrobe staple and we are tickled to honor this piece today!









Shop similar looks in our Downtown Asheville boutique!

Ruby’s Look
Midsummer Floral Tie-Back Gown, By Timo – $319
Wrap Leather Belt, model’s own
“Pandora” Heels, Chelsea Crew – $64
Earrings, Baizaar – $26

Esther’s Look
Floral Print Dress, Current Air – $93
“Pancake” Slingback Heels, NY Shoes – $41
Earrings, NY Jewelry – $20

Thanks to Esther & Ruby for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.

Orla Kiely for Spring

Orla Kiely for Spring, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville NC Orla Kiely Spring 2016, Minx Boutique, Minx Asheville, Asheville Orla Kiely Spring 2016 Orla Kiely Spring 2016Orla Kiely Dress, Damask Flower, Flare, Lilac Damask Flower Flare Dress, Orla Kiely Extasia Intaglio Earrings, Extasia Jewelry, Minx Boutique Orla Kiely, Damask Flower Flared Dress Orla Kiely, Damask Flower, Gathered Midi Dress, Sky, Asheville, Minx Boutique Orla Kiely, Damask Flower, Gathered Midi Dress, Sky, Asheville, Minx Boutique Orla Kiely, Damask Flower, Gathered Midi Dress, Sky, Asheville, Minx Boutique Orla Kiely, Damask Flower, Gathered Midi Dress, Sky, Asheville, Minx BoutiqueBlair Sandals in Lime, Chelsea Crew , Asheville, Minx Asheville, Minx BoutiqueYou can shop these looks in our downtown boutique.

Hannah’s Outfit (top):
Damask Flower Flared Dress in Lilac, Orla Kiely – $401
Intaglio Earrings, Extasia (available at Minx Upstairs) – $62
Scenic Suede Sandals, Seychelles – $103

Grace’s Outfit (bottom):
Damask Flower Gathered Dress in Sky, Orla Kiely – $411
Square Locket, Roost (also available at Minx Upstairs!) – $95
Blair Sandals in Lime, Chelsea Crew – $53

Thanks to Hannah and Grace for modeling, The Screen Door Asheville for the perfect location, and Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images.


Get to Know: Stalworth Handmade Shoes & Boots

You may have noticed the brand new handmade Stalworth sandals gracing the shelves of our downtown boutique. Curious about the story behind these shoes? You’re in luck! Read on & get to know the Brommer sisters, the local Asheville designers behind Stalworth Shoes & Boots!

An Interview Between Sisters Jessica and Amelia Brommer About

Stalworth’s  New Spring Sandals 

Stalworth Shoes & Boots

A: So, you are a shoemaker, or a cordwainer if we are being proper. How long have you been doing this?

J: I started studying shoemaking in 2008 at FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology) and then apprenticed with Sharlot Battin, a theatrical shoemaker in NYC.



A: And you teach shoemaking classes now in, and around, the Asheville area?

J: Yes. I’ve been teaching for 3 years, and it’s awesome. I love teaching. With shoemaking being a dying art, it’s important to share the knowledge in order to revive the art and the industry.


A: Why shoes?

J: I was raised in a creative environment. People sewing, knitting, weaving, spinning, working with metal and wood. I knew people who could do everything, but not shoes. No one knew how to makes shoes.


A: What is your personal background with making things with your hands?

J: Well, it started with the pine cones, right? As a kid.


A: What was your inspiration for these sandals?

J: My background is in men’s shoes. I thought that I would only be making men’s styles. But, over the past few years I’ve had some design ideas for women’s shoes. The ideas were delightful, so I pursued them. This sandal was inspired by childhood memories of the 70s and our mother. Of some beautiful women wearing beautiful sandals. They are in earth tones and evocative of that period of history, of Farrah Fawcett, Diane Von Furstenberg, but filtered through my memories which may not be reliable.


A: Do you make the sandals all by yourself?

J: No! And thank god. The process is long and they take a lot of time. I make them with you.

A: That’s true. Do you have any questions for me?


J: What is your history with shoemaking?

A: My first experience with shoemaking was when I worked in costume craft in regional theaters under Kristin Pondy (now Kristin Tidwell) in NYC and San Diego. Mainly we altered existing shoes, added buckles, painted them, created new uppers to fit the characters in the plays that we were working on. More recently I worked with her again doing product development and design and we created a few prototypes for some yoga shoes. But the concepts and tools are all the same.


J: What are your ambitions for Stalworth and your involvement within it?

A: I love making shoes. I think that you brought up a great point earlier, that this is not a very commonplace craft at this point in history. Given the choice between working on a computer or with wood and leather I will always pick the latter. I’m really excited about helping you to build the business and expand our line of ready to wear shoes.


J: Well, do you have anything else to say?

A: Yes! Get down to Minx and buy a pair of these babies before they are all sold out!



Stalworth Sandals are in-store now! Available in two colors, $150 a pair. Hurry on down, these handcrafted treasures are going fast!

local Ready to take on the art of shoemaking yourself? Check out Stalworth Shoes & Boots on Facebook for information on classes! 

Susana Monaco, The Perfect Travel Companion

Travel Clothes

This is the time of year that mailboxes fill up with magazines and catalogs championing resort wear and bathing suits. Regardless of if you are the type who actually goes to a resort or gets the chance to wear a bathing suit before that special groundhog fails to see his shadow, it does give us all pause to think about the possibility. The possibility of movement, of new experiences and places, and of what we will be wearing in these new situations!


Wardrobe Essentials

Every time a Minx packs for a vacation, even a quick weekend get away, she is utilizing the basic skills of building a wardrobe. A micro wardrobe, if you will, but a wardrobe nonetheless. If one looks at wardrobe building through the small and accessible lens of vacation packing it becomes clear that the key factor in choosing an item is its versatility.

Sendra Boots

The Susana Monaco Dress

Our number one item of essential clothing is the short dress. Here we chose a Susana Monaco dress. We don’t often like to pick favorites, but this high quality frock has timeless style, doesn’t fade, pill, stretch, wrinkle or stain! It is an amazing addition to any travel wardrobe.

Susana Monaco Dress

The Short Dress as one of the Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Why we love a simple short dress: Firstly the basic proportion creates a naturally feminine and flattering look for multiple body shapes. Secondly, a simple short dress has an effortless wearable quality that makes it the perfect foundation item of clothing on which to build a number of different outfits and looks. When we are tasked to create a travel wardrobe that fits within the confines of a suitcase we want articles of clothing that can mix and match. We need them to fit into a number of different locations and situations along with us.

Susana Monaco Dress

Three Ways to Style a Susana Monaco Dress


Here we have our Susana Monaco dress paired with three different tops, three different pairs of shoes and three different statement jewelry pieces. Each pairing creating a very different feel ranging from professional, to casual, to evening. Don’t forget that the dress worn alone is a fourth look! The goal of building a wardrobe is to create a collection of clothing that fits your body and your life.

Susana Monaco Dress Don’t feel hampered by the options that we have put before you: have fun building your own wardrobe with your own unique style! Other options abound: You could incorporate belts worn at the true waist or forgo the pullover look and pair your short dress with a cardigan or a smart jacket during the colder months. Also note that we have our looks styled with bare legs, but a short dress loves a good pair of tights or leggings, especially before it warms up a bit. It is truly a must have year round wardrobe essential! Bon Voyage Minxes!

This look can be found in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Our favorite wear anywhere dress, The Inverted Pleat Dress, Susana Monaco- $181
Escher Pleated Crop Top, Dance and Marvel – $54
Isabella Chain Necklace, Julie Vos  – $261
Cropped Heart Sweater, Press– $110
Heart Bangle, Diament Jewelry- $24
Evan Cap Sleeve Lace Blouse, Wells Grace – $58
Penthouse Pumps, BC- $62
Marisa Handmade Leather Boots, Sendra – $441

Big thanks The Battery Park Book Exchange for the lovely location, our new blog writer Amelia Brommer, Meagan for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography.

Holiday Gift Guide: By Boe Is For Everyone On Your List

Still searching for the perfect gift?

As the holidays creep closer and closer, we’re driven, with increasing urgency, to find that perfect something for that someone we love so dearly. And sometimes, it’s obvious- your best friend wants a beautiful leather bag in a funky color. Presto! Baggu bag picked, check her off the list.

Other times, it can be a bit more difficult. Shopping for your future sister-in-law with intimidatingly sophisticated style? How about your cousin who you see twice a year & owns everything there is already? Now that can be a little trickier.

But never fear Minxies, we’ve got just the thing for you! In times like these, there is one name we always turn back to- By Boe.

By Boe Jewelry- What’s Not to Love?

Sleek, architectural, unique AND affordable, By Boe jewelry is the perfect answer for the question marks on your list.

By Boe Jewelry

Originally from Sweden, Annika Inez has been handcrafting her jewelry in New York since 2000. Constantly inspired from music, the natural world, and her design-centric upbringing, Inez creates pieces that are recognizable for their provocative and organic shapes. Her work is almost paradoxical: Impressive in its’ simplicity, but when the light is right, the hard edges come to life with a touch of shine and a punch that is anything but demure.

But why do we love By Boe?

Made from gold filled wire that feels lighter than air, By Boe pieces are delicate enough for the minimalist, but with the perfect shimmer, the unique shapes do not go unnoticed. They’re neutral enough for everyday wear, but they also pair perfectly with a festive frock. With different shapes and sizes available, these pieces are the perfect gift for any age. Give the smaller teardrops to your teenage niece we have a feeling she’ll be wearing them for a while!

It seems like we’re always accessorizing with By Boe! Check out all of our post featuring jewelry By Boe. Or, shop By Boe online! 

The featured earrings (above) are available in our downtown Asheville boutique. Prices range from $26- $35.

Get to Know David Aubrey

At Minx, we have a history of finding the coolest, newest, and all around must have lines to share with our beloved shoppers. While we love packing the racks full of our new finds, sometimes what makes a item so special is the story behind it. Through our new “Get to Know…” series we’re looking forward to introducing you to some of our favorite brands, sharing our favorite stories, and letting you get to know them a little better! 

So without further adieu, we’re pleased to introduce you to one of our favorite brands- David Aubrey!

Untitled design (21)

The story of David Aubrey began where many do, with a intrinsic interest in the art of design. From a young age, Jennifer Arago, was always enchanted with creating- taking simple objects and pairing them together to create something totally new. With age, this fascination never wavered, but was pushed aside in order to pursue a more traditional career path. While in nursing school, Jennifer apprenticed with a jewelry designer- where she quickly realized old hobbies die hard.

While still in school, Jennifer went on to create and market her first collection. Her talent caught the eye of agents in Atlanta and New York, and in 1996 David Aubrey was born- and it was an instant hit! After generating several million dollars in the first few years, Jennifer left the world of orthopedics to become to chief designer of David Aubrey. Now based out of Jersey City, David Aubrey jewelry continues to be recognized for it’s bold, colorful, and meticulous designs.

David Aubrey Necklace

Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of David Aubrey. While the collections vary from season to season and themes come and go, the craftsmanship never waivers. Each piece is a carefully designed and “painstakingly crafted with an array of raw materials, including plated and oxidized brass and white metal, semiprecious stones and vintage glass, acrylic and resin beads, painted wood, and carved bone.” Whether it’s the delicate and romantic styles, or the bold plastic baubles, David Aubrey jewelry is a statement everyone can enjoy.