Bending the Rules

Let’s be honest – the fun and creativity of fashion and self-expression can kind of get pushed aside by “rules” you hear about as your brought up. Things like: you cant wear white after Labor Day (where did that rule even come from?!), or you cant wear black and brown together, or this body shape can only wear this silhouette. These parameters probably originated with good intentions, but at this point we are ready to leave those in the past! No matter what the season, you shouldn’t feel obligated to banish some shades to the back of the closet. Pastel shades are a typically-found Spring and Summertime staple, but why not in winter? Winter white is a thing, after all! This beautiful lilac coat is the perfect winter jacket that isn’t your typical darker color shade. Everything around you may say to Go Dark this Winter, but don’t feel like you have to if those lilacs and pale yellows and creams are calling your name! Fashion rules are meant to be broken!


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Blossom High Neck Top, Just Female – $123
Belvedere Slim Jean in “Tuscany”, Fidelity – $204
Sette Wool Coat, Just Female – $290
“Oprah” Mary Jane Heels, Chelsea Crew – $58

Thanks to Sara Jane for modeling, Paola Nazati Photography for the beautiful images, and Fleetwoods for the perfect backdrop.