Dressed in Denim with Levi’s Made and Crafted


Denim for Spring: Boyfriend Jeans

Many a Minx has a fond memory of an old boyfriend’s jeans tucked away within their mind. Perhaps you like to take out the image of these jeans from time to time, when you are feeling nostalgic and perhaps a bit lackluster when it comes to your present wardrobes.

How did those jeans fit so perfectly? They hang just so on his hips (and then yours when you finally got your hands on them)  They were worn into perfection. The first time you slipped them on it was love. The soft hand of the distressed denim, the authentic look of being lived in. The magic endowed to clothes that are uniquely valued and cherished, not unlike the Valentine Rabbit’s Nursery Magic. Wardrobe Magic!


Levis Made & Crafted

Many blue jean companies have boasted that they have created the perfect Boyfriend Jean. Levis Strauss Made & Crafted has delivered to us not only a brilliant jean, but the true and worthy reincarnation of the jean that you thought was only a treasured memory.

Your boyfriend’s jeans were undoubtedly Levis, so who more perfect to attempt a stunning replacement!

Levis has gone back to their roots with their line Made & Crafted. Each pair of jeans is lovingly made in the span of about a day or two, using the highest quality denim and paying meticulous detail to the sewing and distressing of each pair of jeans. These are no mass production assembly line creation and it shows!

They are truly a work of art. Minxes around the world will collectively rejoice when they try these babies on. They are the perfect jeans to cuff with tennis shoes, to wear with sandals and tank tops, of to dress up with a heel and blouse.


Mule Shoes for the Minxes!

The lines of this mule are elegant and understated. They appear to be the ideal vessel for a Minx’s legs to be secured in. Like a vase containing a spring cutting, legs will be on display when paired with these neutral and very versatile wedge heel mules.


How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans and What to Wear Them With

The brilliance of the Boyfriend Jeans is their simplicity. So keep it simple if nothing else. He pulls off the look with nothing more than an old T-shirt or button up.

Follow the lead of the initial inspiration! We paired our jeans with this effective and chic blue button up. It is our take to the iconic blue-collar shirt, but a bit more feminine!


Just Minxes, Just Female

Because sometimes you want something that offers the history and grace of a Japanese influence delivered with a modern city-smarts styling. Sometimes you want your avant-garde served up with a hearty dose of comfort.

For those moments when other jackets and sweaters will not suffice: we suggest this kimono by Just Female.


 Shop this look in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Structured Box Top, Levi’s Made and Crafted – $128
Drop Pendant, Palola Designs
Beau Boyfriend Jeans, Levi’s Made and Crafted – $183
Spring Kimono, Just Female – $178
Perfect Match Mules, Seychelles – $103

Thanks to Grace for modeling and Paola Nazati Photography for the photos!