Trend Forecast: Nautical Fashion For Spring

Call Me Ishmael: Setting out to Procure a Spring Wardrobe

Nautical Fashion for Spring

The restlessness of the late winter and early spring feels akin to that of the sailor for hire. Ishmael, when he felt that he needed a change, a cleansing of his soul, went to sea.

This powerful, symbiotic relationship between the sea and the land is ancient and deeply ingrained in the human heart and mind. Time and time again we are drawn to the adventure of the sea and every trapping that it offers us: from the promise of new horizons to the amazing historical lineage of nautical fashion.

Thankfully, nautical fashion is right instep with 2015 Spring trends. It is showing up in many collections, Michael Kors and Sacai just to name a few. Many designers and stylists are embracing rope detailing, double breasted jackets and sailor stripes.

We love the nautical look for it combines the classic beauty of its traditional silhouettes and patterns with its equally as strong tradition of function. The cloths of sailors were made to be durable and functional and it just so happens that they were also created with a lasting visual appeal.

Double Breasted is the Bested for Spring Fashion

We have chosen an olive green double breasted jacket that is reminiscent of the iconic peacoat. Peacoats were given a double breasted front to keep out the winds of the high seas, and a slim fit to allow optimal mobility when climbing the rigging. Like the peacoat of yore, our jacket is just as good as keeping out the March winds.

Olive Green, Double Breasted Jacket, The Hanger

The Pants

Most sailor pants through time were cut loose enough in the leg so that they could easily be rolled up in order to scrub the decks. We have chosen a slimmer leg and an alternate activity to do while wearing them: perhaps combing the seashore for shells or going to the farmers market. We love these high waisted, cinch-waist jeans. They are just the right mix of casual and fashionable.

Light Denim, Paperbag Pants, The Hanger, Spring fashion

Paper or Plastic Pants, The Hanger

Stripes and Shirts

Striped, Sailor, Top, The Hanger

Sandstorm Top

 Let us not forget stripes! The classic look of the striped sailor short came about in the early 1800’s so navel crews could easily spot sailors who had fallen overboard. Nice to know that stripes are not only fashionable, but a safety measure as well. Perhaps a good pattern to wear on large field trips or to an unknown dance club. Note the beautiful detail in our shirt as the stripes change direction from the main body to the sleeves.

Lastly, Key Pieces: Shoes and Jewelry

Check out these beautiful coral flats by Chelsea Crew. The T-strap, delicate ankle-strap, and perforated toe box, combined with the lush color are perfect examples of the attention to details that Chelsea Crew offers us shoe after beautiful shoe.

Chelsea Crew, Red, Albino, Sandals

Chelsea Crew Albino Sandals

Right on trend for spring 2015, we chose thin gold jewelry to accent our look. The understated pieces keep the look fresh and unencumbered while still gilding it with the perfect amount of magic.

Delicate Gold Jewelry

To your stations Minxes, we are ready to set sail!

 Find parts of this look online and the rest in our downtown Asheville boutique!

Sandstorm Top, The Hanger – $44
Double Breasted Jacket, The Hanger – $102
Paper or Plastic Pants, The Hanger– $50
Forward and Backward Cuff, Marcia Moran- $177
Faceted Oval Necklace, Minx- $17
Albino Sandals, Chelsea Crew – $79

Big thanks to Amelia Brommer for the post, Jameykay Huffman of Jameykay and Arlie Photography for the images, Breigh for coming back to model.