Holiday Gift Guide: By Boe Is For Everyone On Your List

Still searching for the perfect gift?

As the holidays creep closer and closer, we’re driven, with increasing urgency, to find that perfect something for that someone we love so dearly. And sometimes, it’s obvious- your best friend wants a beautiful leather bag in a funky color. Presto! Baggu bag picked, check her off the list.

Other times, it can be a bit more difficult. Shopping for your future sister-in-law with intimidatingly sophisticated style? How about your cousin who you see twice a year & owns everything there is already? Now that can be a little trickier.

But never fear Minxies, we’ve got just the thing for you! In times like these, there is one name we always turn back to- By Boe.

By Boe Jewelry- What’s Not to Love?

Sleek, architectural, unique AND affordable, By Boe jewelry is the perfect answer for the question marks on your list.

By Boe Jewelry

Originally from Sweden, Annika Inez has been handcrafting her jewelry in New York since 2000. Constantly inspired from music, the natural world, and her design-centric upbringing, Inez creates pieces that are recognizable for their provocative and organic shapes. Her work is almost paradoxical: Impressive in its’ simplicity, but when the light is right, the hard edges come to life with a touch of shine and a punch that is anything but demure.

But why do we love By Boe?

Made from gold filled wire that feels lighter than air, By Boe pieces are delicate enough for the minimalist, but with the perfect shimmer, the unique shapes do not go unnoticed. They’re neutral enough for everyday wear, but they also pair perfectly with a festive frock. With different shapes and sizes available, these pieces are the perfect gift for any age. Give the smaller teardrops to your teenage niece we have a feeling she’ll be wearing them for a while!

It seems like we’re always accessorizing with By Boe! Check out all of our post featuring jewelry By Boe. Or, shop By Boe online! 

The featured earrings (above) are available in our downtown Asheville boutique. Prices range from $26- $35.