Introducting: Linx We Love- Orange You Glad We Shared Them?

Here at Minx, we have always valued the idea of ‘True Style’- the kind of personal style that is sometimes trendy, often timeless, but always full of inspiration from all parts of life. Style, like life, is built by a series of experiences- it requires love, attention, and risk: but sometimes you’ll still end up in stirrup pants.

Our true style inspirations are everywhere- from things that make us think, make us feel, and make us squeal aloud with joy. Sometimes they’re obvious, others are hiding, but we’ve shortened the search and want to share them with you!

So, we’re proudly introducing a new segment: “Linx We Love!” Each week, we will share 5 inspiring finds, selected on a theme, from around the web to pass along to you. This weeks theme? Minx orange.

1. Feeling Daring? Find the Best Orange Lipstick For Your Skin Tone– From Harper’s BAZAAR

2. A Funky Chic Decorating Retreat – from The Designer Pad

3. The Perfect Blood Orange Summer Cocktail–  from Culinary Musings

4. Our Darling Pleated Top by Everly– from

5. An all time favorite inspiration- Orange Skies by Love– from Da Capo (1967)