Asheville Lovers’ BC Bootie GIVEAWAY

For the love of fall, Asheville and adorable booties, we present to you our latest Minx Giveaway. In the comments below, tell us three things you love about Asheville to enter to win a pair of these BC suede booties in the color-way of your choice (either sand or cognac).

As most of you savvy locals know, voting for Mountain Xpress’s BestOf WNC 2011 is underway. If you haven’t cast your votes yet, head over there and add your two cents. If you need any suggestions, you can ::ahem:: vote for us as Best Women’s Clothing shop, or ::ahem:: Best Local Blog. Voting ends Wednesday, August 24th, so hurry!

Here’s how the giveaway will work:

1. Comment below this post, right here on the blog, telling us three things you love about Asheville. Be sure to include your correct e-mail address in the comment form so that we can contact you should you win. Your e-mail address will be kept private and not visible on the blog.

2. The winner will be selected at random on Friday, August 26th and announced on our blog thereafter. No double entries (multiple comments will only count as one), comments get cut off at 3:00pm on Friday!

3. This giveaway is not limited to Asheville locals.

So tell us… what are three things that you love about Asheville, NC?



Thanks to everyone who entered our “Asheville Lovers’ BC Bootie GIVEAWAY”! Our winner was selected at random over at Congrats to commenter #75, Hannah… She loves Asheville because…
(1.) Walking through the hilly neighborhoods at twilight in summer
(2.) The abundance of amazing local designers
(3.) A pint at the Thirsty Monk
We agree! Enjoy your new booties Hannah! Check your e-mail for details about collecting your prize! We are really feeling the love these days ♥♥♥

84 thoughts on “Asheville Lovers’ BC Bootie GIVEAWAY

  1. Darby

    1.) The best people on earth live in asheville
    2.) The awesome local clothing stores
    3.) The best restaurants and locally grown food!

  2. Meridith

    I’ve been here for the 8 years and the first thing that I love about Asheville is the enormous new, local business growth that has taken place (which includes Minx). The second is the ability to NOT be a part of just one group–meaning you can fit in anywhere with anyone. And third, well that would have to be just how stunningly beautiful this town really is–from the mountains, to the leaves, to people watching on Lexington–this place is the most beautiful town I’ve ever lived in. L<3cal :O)

  3. Sophia

    1. The restaurants and shops in downtown Asheville- specifically Cúrate and of course Minx
    2. The distinct differences between the neighborhoods of North Asheville, East Asheville, West Asheville and Biltmore
    3. The popularity of the Arts- specifically the wide array of dance performances that appear each year at Diana Wortham Theatre

  4. Jen Kirkwood

    1 – the creative spirit of asheville
    2 – the unique flavors – of food
    3 – the forest – like a fairytale

  5. Carol

    1. That first glimpse of the Blue Ridge Mountains as I travel southward from D.C. toward my old N.C. hometown
    2. The fun, unique population.
    3. Visiting Minx to buy great clothes no one else in D.C. is wearing!

  6. kristi benningfield

    1. the summertime farmer’s market and waterfalls!
    2. the fall colors!
    3. the springtime flowers!

  7. sjordan

    i pretty much love everything about asheville but above all, i particularly enjoy
    1. downtown
    2. the people
    3. the scenery

  8. Sarah B

    1. Tupelo Honey
    2. The creative energy from local artists
    3. the outdoor playground surrounding the city

  9. Katherine Allen

    1. The mountains!
    2. The diversity
    3. And of course-it’s where my favorite store is located! Minx!

  10. Elisha

    1. Significant bike riding population
    2. All the fabulous different restaurants
    3. Great boutiques like Minx to shop

  11. Jane

    1. The drum circle. Where else can you find hippies, retirees, families and business people all dancing together?
    2. The abundance of locally grown and raised food. Thousands of miles fresher.
    3. A lifetime’s supply of outdoor adventure.

  12. Ashley

    My three favorite things about Asheville: fantastic local food, great weather and jammin live music of all varieties 🙂 the list could go on! Xoxo

  13. Amy Saunders

    My 3 favorite things about Asheville are:
    1) the lady friends – Asheville attracts such a rad type of person. It is wonderful to have met so many awesome female friends here.
    2) the mountains – ’nuff said.
    3) the food & beer! Asheville has a true bounty of incredible food – farmers markets to restaurants, and the brewery scene…

    All in all, how could you live anywhere else?

    xoxo. amy

  14. lydiasee

    1. my lovely friends who I miss deeply
    2. the forever changing art/music/culture scenes
    3. local ideals (food, small businesses, community involvement, etc.)

  15. Chase

    1. MINX!!!!
    2. the diversity of the downtown streets
    3. the beautiful mountains at every horizon line
    …. I could go on!

  16. Tyler K

    I love summer in Asheville, especially the tailgate markets. I love that most things are convenient and that it’s easy to get around Asheville. And I love that there are sophisticated places to eat and shop (♥minx♥) and eat for such a small place.

  17. Jennifer Gardner

    1. I can wear sweats or a ballgown and fit right in.
    2. Wonderful restaurants.
    3. I grew up here!

  18. Caitlin

    As a native I love and respect:
    ~ The friendliness of the community
    ~ How active the community is about social issues, especially sustainability
    ~ The strong support and stand of local businesses ranging from restaurants like Zambras and Bouchon to retail like Minx and Shady Grove Flowers.

  19. Sarah

    ONLY THREE?! 😉

    1. The artwork (and art support!!)
    2. The southern charm and hospitality of the people
    3. The ever present mountain scenery
    Asheville rocks!

  20. Jen Kirkwood

    1- the creativity (the art galleries & peoples sense of style)
    2-the flavors (so many different restaraunts)
    3-the forests (like entering a fairytale)

  21. Diana Meter

    The people. It is so easy to make friends in Asheville.
    The fall. There is nothing better than stomping through the leaves in the mountains in autumn.
    The beer! I know I’m not the only one who thought of this 8 )

  22. Carrie Sue

    Absolutely LOVE Asheville for so many reasons… my most favorites about this Amazing city is how I’m constantly blown away by the beauty, how you can Always find something to do here, day/night and most of all, the Best of the Best people live here. I Heart Asheville.

  23. Michelle Woodworth

    1. The “People” of Asheville accept others for their individual uniqueness. I don’t blink an eye when I see a man dress as a nun riding a unicycle showing off his hairy legs and scruff on his face.
    2. The “Restaurants” offer a variety of different scenes and flavors.
    3. The “Scenery” speaks for itself.

  24. Melissa

    Asheville is such a unique little slice of heaven in North Carolina – the three things I love most are the open-mindedness of it’s residents, the charming downtown buildings set against the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains in the background, and some of the best restaurants in the state!

  25. Colette johnson

    what I love about Asheville is the artistic community, the mountains, and all the great friendly people you meet daily!

  26. Kasia Abel

    1) The seasons! There are really and truly 4 of them here! Which really lends itself to some serious shopping and self expression!
    2) Being surrounded by the mountains…swimming holes, ski slopes, the changing of the leaves, Queen Anne’s lace everywhere, and of course the dogwoods.
    3) Individuality and acceptance…Asheville is definitely somewhere you can be yourself and be proud of it 🙂

  27. julia vivian

    1. the shopping!
    2. the food (so much yummy stuff down there!)
    3. the warmth of its residents… when i head down there to visit my best friend i feel so welcomed and everyone is so kind and friendly! it feels like home away from home. 🙂

  28. mollie surber

    1. The beautiful mountain scenery and plethora of outdoor daytrip opporunities.
    2. The uncanny amount of local talent.
    3. The amazing clothes and lovely ladies at Minx.

  29. Meggie

    Old trees on even older mountains, great beer, and the ability to find something unique everywhere you go.

  30. Julianna Olup

    1. Beautiful mountains/ scenery
    2. Diversity
    3. Local community right at your fingertips

  31. Emily Mercer

    FIRST – The Food
    SECOND – The Fashion ( or sometimes, lack there, of fashion)
    THIRD – The Freaks!

  32. Courtney K.

    1) THE FOOD!
    2) the hiking in the beautiful mountains
    3) family and making apple butter on the farm

  33. Tayler

    1- All the amazing local food & brews to choose from
    2- The awesome weather year round (yes, even the snow.)
    3- The Bluegrass Music!!

  34. katherine

    1) Beer!
    2) Mountains! (I’ve lived here almost 2 years now, and still get a thrill every time I see them.)
    3. Live music!

  35. Lydia

    1) Fall is my #1 reason why I love it here. Not just the weather and how the leaves change up on the mountains, but the way the air feels here.
    2) The Food – oh, yum!
    3) The Art scene – always some awesome new artist to discover here!

  36. Kristin

    I love the old houses-history.
    I love the freaking awesome beer… Didn’t like beer until I moved here 9 years ago.
    And, I love our amazing downtown. Drum circle, Resturants, shopping, coffee places, and the eclectic group of peole.
    And. I love those booties. !

  37. Jennifer

    I LOVE the families here. I love the kid friendly parks and restaurants. I love how open minded and spirited Asheville is! AND yes, I LOVE those booties!

  38. Hannah

    (1.) Walking through the hilly neighborhoods at twilight in summer
    (2.) The abundance of amazing local designers
    (3.) A pint at the Thirsty Monk

  39. ann gottfried

    My favorite three things about Asheville would have to be the amazing local music, the food and the beautiful mountains. I grew up here in Asheville and I am so proud that we were voted one of the most beautiful places in the united States on GMA. In Asheville there is always the feeling of home, even when your not from here. People travel from all over the world just to see what I do everyday. There is never a dull moment here in Asheville. This city is full of local musicians playing thier hearts out. Let’s not forget that we have some of the best food. For example, 12 bones bbq to fine dining at the Grove Park Inn. We are the best city ever!

  40. rebecca keel

    1. miranda
    2. memories of panola street
    3. minx (seriously. always shop there when i visit miranda and panola. all the way from boutique-plentiful brooklyn.)

  41. Laura

    Three things I love about Asheville:
    1.How wonderful UNCA is
    2.How gorgeous the mountains are
    3.The food. Like seriously, I think we have some of the best restaurants in the world

  42. Jan O'Hara

    I love so many things about Asheville! Top three: 1) Minx Boutique 2) the people 3) the farmers (love those local fruits and veggies). My list goes on and on.

  43. Chelsea Fronk

    1. The spirit and soul of the community
    2. Food, Food, Food
    3. Driving the parkway at midnight with great friends and bad intentions 🙂

  44. Amanda D.

    1. The fact that downtown is sustainable and that there isn’t too much urban sprawl.
    2. All the festivals and the awesome crazy people that attend them.
    3. The amazing, beautiful outdoors right at our doorstep.

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