Minx GIVEAWAY: Hand Tooled Leather Purse

Yes! It’s time for another Minx Giveaway!  This week we’re giving one randomly selected commenter this genuine leather, hand-tooled purse.  We love the size and sturdiness of this bag.  It’s perfect for toting around all of your summer must-haves and even a light sweater. Come check it out for yourself this week!  We do have this purse in other colors (turquoise, green, mustard, purple and natural buff), but the orange one shown above is the one we’re giving away.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Comment below this post, right here on the blog, telling us your favorite Minx memoryBe sure to include your e-mail address in the comment form so that we can contact you should you win.  Your e-mail address will be kept private and not visible on the blog.

2. The winner will be selected at random on Friday, April 22nd and announced on our blog thereafter.  No double entries (multiple comments will only count as one), comments get cut off at 4:00pm on Friday!

3. This giveaway is not limited to Asheville locals. If the winner lives within the US but outside of our area, we will foot the bill to ship the winner her bag!  This giveaway may not be returned for store credit.

So tell us… what is your favorite Minx memory?



72 thoughts on “Minx GIVEAWAY: Hand Tooled Leather Purse

  1. carol ann lydon

    Having three separate transactions in a five minute period because every time I tried to leave the store I would see something else I loved and had to have 🙂

  2. Pam Norman

    Walking to the former West Asheville Minx and being welcomed as if I were visiting with friends to playing dress up!

  3. Deanne

    My Favorite Minx memory is seeing a dress getting unpacked, then loving it, then buying it.

  4. Sarah B

    shopping with a sweet old friend at the post-Christmas sale and catching up in the dressing room line

  5. Beth Gunn

    Always receiving the same response from 3 daughters when they come to town…”Want to go see what’s new at Minx?” “YES!”

  6. Tayler Harris

    My boss getting me a gift certificate to Minx for Christmas and then not knowing what to spend it on!!! &Of course, the phone calls I get when new Trashy Diva comes in.

  7. katherine

    My husband and I moved to Asheville just before Christmas. We were out exploring downtown one day and ran across Minx’s window display of dresses made from paper. I was mesmerized. And then, lo, I walked in the store, and my life has never been the same.

  8. Pam Wellman

    Buying my first pair of Paige jeans. It was my first year of college, so it was a big expense at the time, but what a revelation to have a nice pair of jeans!

  9. stephanie

    One of my favorite memories is actually a very personal memory. Three years ago I was shopping at Minx for a new dress for my 15th wedding anniversary and honestly I was not in a celebratory mood because our marriage was really on the rocks and was dreading the night out. Any way, while I was shopping a song by the Pixies was playing and I love the Pixies….We (my husband and I love the Pixies). In college he and I where crazy about them!!! Hearing this song helped me remember all the good times we had together and brought up many warmhearted, loving thoughts about him, about us that I had pushed out because I was wrapped up in anger. I bought a lovely, stylish dress and I played the Pixies that night….we sang and danced and had a very good time. We are still married!!

    FYI: Not only does Minx carry wonderful, stylish clothing…the music is great too!!

  10. Alice

    Probably the first time I went to minx and realizing if I wanted to go shopping I didnt have to look any further than minx!

  11. Rebecca

    I was so nervous for my first real high school dance, but knew that Minx would come through with the right dress. Two Minx girls helped me try on what felt like 100 dresses before finding a perfect black and white polka dot dress that they helped me feel great wearing!

  12. stacy

    i used to live in asheville & used to love wandering around the store, coming in with nothing specific in mind, but always leaving with something amazing & unique. i miss minx! there are not any stores even close to minx in my new town!

  13. Mary Ashley

    My favorite memories of Minx are driving by, falling in love with something in the window and HAVING to have it now!

  14. Liz T

    Walking to the store in the snow for the boxing day sale…only to find it closed but well worth the extra 10% off!

  15. Zoe

    Having three Minx ladies try to find me the perfect shoes after the ones I wanted were back ordered.

  16. Jess

    I first moved to Asheville to attend UNCA 8 years ago… I was exploring downtown and happened upon Minx! It was the greatest discovery for a college girl and has been a mainstay for me living here since and as a working girl downtown. The little black dress that I bought the first day I discovered Minx is still a closet staple 🙂

  17. janet zusi

    My two friends from NJ came to visit me last October for a weekend of hiking, music and good food and wine. Shopping was the last thing on our minds. On Sunday they had an hour before leaving for the airport so I took them to this cool clothing store downtown, Minx. Needless to say, they almost missed their plane. I couldn’t get them out of there. They bought funky animal winter wool hats, scarves and sweaters. They loved the store. And so do I.

  18. Sarah S.

    I had my eye on this beautiful, quite expensive, David Aubrey necklace for a long time at the store. I would always go in just to make sure it was still there. One day, I went in and it wasn’t there! They had just sold it. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend was the one who bought it for me as a Christmas gift. When I told him how my favorite necklace was gone at Minx, he pulled it out and gave it to me early.

  19. Dana T.

    When I moved to the area, I had been stress eating for the year prior. As a result, I was a lot more (ahem) “jolly” and many of my clothes were ill-fitting. I thought I had no business going into Minx. What a boost to my self-esteem when the attentive staff selected some pieces that accentuated the positive and helped me feel feminine and pulled together. Thanks Minx!

  20. Courtney K.

    My two sisters and I were back in town after being at college for four months and one of the first things we did was went to minx to go shopping! we tried on so many clothes but being a little curvier, we were having trouble finding things that fit. Finally my sister tried on a beautiful french connection dress and it fit perfectly! my other sister and I pitched in paying for it so that she could wear it to formal (a dance). She was radiating at formal and it was all because of our great shopping trip at minx!

  21. nada

    Visiting avl when we first started seriously considering moving here, and stumbling across minx! I was stoked to find a place with Seychelles, Frye, and trashy diva bc i’d previously only bought them online!

  22. kimberlygormley

    My friends and I look forward to the Minx after Christmas sale so much that this past year we walked 3 miles in the snow and ice on Boxing Day to reach the store. It was closed, along with the rest of downtown, but we still had so much fun that afternoon crunching around in a deserted downtown!

  23. Anne

    My favorite Minx memory was when I found the perfect dress for New Years. There was only one left and it was in my size and on sale.

  24. diana

    Shopping with my friend for a graduation dress–I was getting serious shopping fatigue and then we walked into Minx–she found the perfect one!

  25. Nanci

    There are so many wonderful Minx memories but here’s my fav. I was having one of those days where you don’t like anything in your closet and was supposed to meet friends downtown. I went a bit early and stopped in Minx, found the perfect dress, left with it on and with my clothes in one of those beautiful orange bags.

  26. Karen Rankin

    My favorite Minx memory was the day that I found Minx for the first time. It was during Belle Chere years ago during the amazing anual shoe sale. I bought my first pair of Seychelles and have been hooked ever since.

  27. Katie

    I am a usual downtown shopper but my favorite memory was going to the West Asheville Minx almost a year after my son had been born. I hadn’t been shopping in so long b/c he is/was such a wild man! I was in heaven as I walked in and saw the toys to occupy him while I went on a post pregnancy shopping spree!!!! I bought my still favorite dress and sweater that day!!!

  28. Sara

    I just recently moved to Asheville, and although i might not have a bunch of memories from the store, I distinctly remember the sweetest girls in town helping me, and their unique lines of clothes and accessories, making them my go to store whenever I’m in need. Minx is wonderful!

  29. Julia Schafer

    Several years ago, I was heading to Atlanta for the wedding of a dear friend from college. I knew that I would see an old flame there — a guy who I dated briefly in college, for whom I never should have felt as strongly as I did, but…well, at the time, I just did. I came to Minx to find the perfect dress, and there is was: The Butter by Nadia Signature Wrap Dress in royal blue. I tried in on and it looked as if it was poured on my body, a perfect drape of sapphire satin accentuating each curve and masking every flaw. I arrived at the wedding feeling like a Greek Goddess. When I saw my old beau, his jaw dropped and eyes lit up as he half-stuttered, “You look incredible!” When he realized he was drooling, he turned to his girlfriend as said, “Sweetheart, this is, umm, Eliza, an old friend from school.” While my name is actually Julia, I had to giggle at the sudden revelation of how I pined forever for a man who no longer remembered my name and how a perfect Minx dress will still get ’em every time.

  30. viktorija

    Finding not only a dress for my wedding rehearsal, but also what I laughingly refer to as my pirate pants (long blue pants made of a soft jersey knit)!

  31. Grey

    Shopping with my friend downtown. I was a Minx newbie, but the minute we walked in, I knew I had found my favorite store in Asheville!

  32. Erin

    My favorite Minx memory is a reoccurring one… hitting up and trying on clothes from the Sale rack! Always the best sales!!

  33. Carrie Sue Rabuck

    Minx is, and always has been, a favorite place for me to shop…it is a treat to walk in and look at the lovely things they have. Also, the staff is very helpful and so sweet. I go here to buy all of my special occasion pretties! 🙂

  34. Orielle Rollinson

    the elegant, timeless, and sturdy Frey shoes that keep my feet happy at all hours of the day… they remind me of my inability to enter Minx without trying on/ falling in love/ purchasing something!

  35. Andi

    I’ve always loved looking at Minx the window displays when I drive or walk down Lexington. A couple of years ago I saw a stunning display in the window. The dresses on the mannequins were all made of aquamarine colored paper and they were beautiful. All were accessorized perfectly. I had never seen a display quite like it anywhere. I admired it every time I passed by. When I finally went in to see what the Minx ladies had in the store I told the one of them how much I loved their paper dresses. She grinned and said that the paper dresses were all created by the Minx employees. Wowed by that I started asking her questions and in the midst of our conversation she showed me some bracelets for sale that she made along with a few other accessories that her co-workers made. I left the store so impressed not only with the talent and creativity of all the women who work there, but equally impressed that their employer recognized it and encouraged it. Now every time I go to Minx I remember that conversation I had and I feel good about shopping there.

  36. kelly lewis

    I’ll never forget the annual 1/2 off sale. I had recently had foot surgery and here I was hiding under a clothes rack trying to tactfully disrobe. +

  37. Tyler K

    Well, while I really really miss the West Asheville Minx I’d have to say my favorite minx memory is finding the perfect dress to wear to my sister’s baby shower.

  38. Heather Thurston

    My favorite Minx memory is the taking my Mom to the boxing day sale and having her hold everything I grabbed, tell me what to get, and leaving with two amazing bags filled with beautiful things including a french connection dress I had had my eye on for a while, and my favorite Paige jeans. Thanks Mom! and Minx*

  39. Cara

    favorite minxy memory: first time i visited your beautiful store. stumbled upon it when visiting my dad and stepmom in asheville. i make the trip to minx every time i’m in town now.

  40. Amy

    The day after Christmas, snowed in, we trudged through knee-deep snow for Minx’s Boxing Day sale. No dice, because, how was anyone else to get there? (Secretly, this was my diabolical plan.) However, there were discount coupons waiting for us for even showing up. The walk there was a memorable adventure in itself. The show of kindness from Minx made it all the sweeter.

  41. Keiko

    Considering I am brand new to this blog, my favorite memory is when I added Minx to my Google Reader last Tuesday!

  42. Olivia Wilson

    My favorite memory of Minx was during Bele Chere one year when it was blazing hot outside and I was able to seek refuge in your shop and look at beautiful clothes at the same time! Always one of the first places I visit when I’m back home from school.

  43. julieannestoner

    I stumbled upon your fabulous store why vacationing in Ashville last August. My feet were tired and we were heading back to the car. When out of the corner of my eye I saw your store front.. I knew I had to stop and visit Minx. I dream about going back and buying some more cute clothes this summer. I so wish we had Minx here in Raleigh. I would be a regular customer for sure.

  44. Claire Alexander

    I don’t have one specific memory, but I love the fact that I can always find so many cute clothes in one shopping trip! In fact, I’m usually left having to pick my favorite pieces because I find so many things that I can’t afford to get them all!

  45. Lydia

    One of the first times I ever went to Minx, I shopped with a good friend and we both decided to splurge on a pair of new shoes as a reward to ourselves for making it through our somewhat crappy jobs at the time. Those heels I bought made me feel great, and I still get compliments every time I wear them. Thanks Minx for making us all feel worthy and stylish!

  46. Angi West

    oh my heart! Minx has been such a big part of my adult life and there have been so many phases, but I will never forget the frenzy and energy of my very first wintry pricing all nighter. I miss my sweet Minxies and all of our crazy adventures.

  47. Mollie Surber

    My favorite thing about Minx is the exceptionally friendly and helpful staff of lovely ladies who are always patient with me for trying on a million items and give me honest, thoughtful opinions whenever I need them. Every single shopping trip is a pleasure.

  48. Sophia

    One of my favorite Minx memory’s would have to be when I came into the store a couple of years of ago and fell in love with this shirt on the rack..and then bought it in every single color! And the fact that every time I go downtown I tell myself I am going to Minx and I am finding a new dress, and every time I find that new dress.

  49. lydiasee

    oh. love.
    the first time Joti wrapped an ADA belt around me.
    my first Collective dress. (the red one with splatter black).
    the MM Courture maxi in “my color.”
    upstairs during HATCH.

  50. Nicole Connor

    My favorite memory is actually something that repeats itself. Every time I go into Minx, Katherine is so sweet and helpful and always comes over to me with clothes she’ll know I like. Then she gives me opinions and advice while I try things on. Love it!

  51. Chase

    My favorite Minx memory happened very recently when my mom took me into Minx to get my birthday presents and I discovered I had the same birthday as Breigh! She is my favorite Minx girl (don’t get me wrong, I love you all!) and I envy her so much!

  52. schuylar

    my favorite memories at minx happen all the time. i love coming in to the store and being greeted by all the happy faces.. everyone is so helpful and they carry the best of the best in boutiques downtown!

  53. Judy

    Every important recital or occasion that I ever needed dressing up for resulted in a trip to Minx, which I always loved! Thank god for my mother and her good style, not mention Minx clothing!

  54. Kit

    I have a slew of favorite Minx moments, but most recently I found a perfect black dress that I’ll being wearing to a very close friend’s wedding and my husband’s graduation from law school. Thank you Minx for making those outfit selections so easy.

  55. Lacy

    I found out about Minx through a friend I used to work with at Trashy Diva in New Orleans, she re-posted an outfit link…i followed it, “liked” it on FB and have been following the blog’s outfit posts daily since… then I realized you are located in Asheville- it clicked- I am in Charlotte! I can drive to Minx and shop in person- YES! By far, my favorite Minx moment!

  56. ginger

    My favorite minx memory is of trying on dozens of dresses with my sister. She lives out of town and I don’t have the chance to go shopping with her very often, especially at a relaxed and locally-owned store with such great clothes! I think we bought close to a dozen items total that day!

  57. Julianna Olup

    Everyday you shop in Minx is a wonderful day! My favorite memories, are the ones I have made while wearing the beautiful clothes I buy from your store 🙂

  58. Tyra L. Goodman

    Shopping with my girls on their big birthdays (#’s 16 and 18!). We can never come out of the shop empty handed!

  59. Helen Lindau

    Running into an old friend while we were both shopping. Beautiful clothes, beautiful moments.

  60. Galen Cobb

    My favorite Minx memory was finding the perfect prom dress there after having spent all day searching all over Asheville. There’s no place like Minx.

  61. Savannah Gibson

    My favorite Minx memory was going with my best friend Christy to the black friday sale and getting tones of cute minx clothes, perfect for upcoming spring!!! I can’t go in without purchasing something from the sale rack!

  62. Abby

    I remember going to Minx for the first time and falling in love with everything about the store. I have only been back a hundred times and introduced many of my girlfriends to the store.

  63. Lola

    My favorite memory of Minx was when I bought my awesome yellow tank that went with the outfit I was wearing better than what I was originally wearing so I bought it and wore it out. Now this yellow tank is my go to tank. Color and comfort. Love love love me some Minx.

  64. Lisa

    Discovering you all with my Asheville native roomies. I crave a visit just for your store-especially the jewelry..

  65. Darby Cox

    My favorite Minx memory would probably have to be the first time I went to the Boxing day sale. It was my first time at a huge sale. I got there 45 minutes early to wait. It was so cold waiting outside for the doors to open, but so worth it. I got a wallet and so many cool clothes! I also got my favorite piece of jewelry, a tree necklace that I wear almost every day.

  66. Carly Albee

    Ass-kickin’ high heels…orange knit…plush velvet…girly flower print…military canvas…sexy romper…rowdy feathers…These are my favorite Minx memories.

  67. Joann Cortes

    I do not wear heels and found a pair of gorgeous heels that I can wear all the time!!! YAY MINX!

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