Oh Dries!! Mon Amore!

I’ve gone nuts! Paris spring time love for fall clothing crazy crazy crazy! What a perfect end to the fall shows. So many stunning works… so many in fact, that I am just letting myself go there. More than one look per show and even some… GASP… close up looks at accessories and hair and make up. I know, let your hair down Joti! I’m doing it. And I’m starting with the best show of the season, in my ever so humble opinion, Dries Van Noten.


Van Noten has been a favorite of mine ever since my first year at FIT when the school’s museum had a show on Belgian designers. But it has been a while since one of his shows hit me quite like this. (As I wrote that last line I stopped and took the time to look back over his last few collections… It’s an official school girl crush and through that lens I fell in love with everything I saw. )

This season is just so easy to wear! I would throw away every stitch of clothing I own and fill my closet with pretty much everything that came down that runway. A silk skirt in the perfect yellow? Over sized sweater with ruffled skirt, muted sequin blazer and relaxed trousers…. It’s the 80’s silhouettes I don’t mind seeing again re-envisioned through the color pallet of a Francis Bacon painting. Think shrimp pink, beige, ocher, orange, and mauve. Throw in a dash of WW2 era glamor, the kind that’s a bit sensible but in a “not without my coral lip stick” sort of way, and you have what I call a perfect show.


I want this clutch BAD… Those shoes? Even more… and the sun glasses! AH! What a modern/retro masterpiece.

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